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  1. 2.21 Beta Patchnotes

    They gave me 3 free days. It was nice to log on and find out that Osa revival of allies is now pointless. It would be nice if the game would allow you to choose between reviving a player or summons. I certainly wouldn't want to use it on players anymore. xD Wow that's like a whole team death sentence. Ouch! Well anyway I was saying it was nice to find it out about this because it's extra incentive to not resub anytime soon. Yay!
  2. The "What gear should I use" thread

    I've seen people healing with the Archetypal bow for about 1100 or so. What gear would I need to accomplish that?
  3. Kollosium and multie loggers!

    Actually the trade-off seems pretty fair. The opposing team leaves? You don't get any exp or tokens but they have to wait 30 minutes to get another Kollo fight. Suckers! You're matched against the same guys that beat you last time? You want to leave? You spend those 30 no-Kollo minutes doing daily quests and they lose out on the easy exp and tokens. Suckers! I'm sorry but.. yeah, either way it can be pretty satisfying. xD
  4. More experience?

    Wow. Nice. Thanks for the link. This has cut down my exp needed to get to 200 by a week's worth at least. I think I may try and finish it out today.
  5. More experience?

    I've noticed I seem to be getting double the exp for some stuff the past 24 hours. Protect and Scourge, Kerub's quest, etc.. Is there an event I didn't know about? Is the almanax 100% exp for graveyard messed up? Or.. did they actually increase the rewards from those quests? The two yobbo's still give crap exp but all the other quest fights are giving great exp now.
  6. Amakna Knights would like to join an Alliance. Not really interested in the AvA stuff. Just need a group that can help with Frigost 2/3 dungeons and Perc fights.
  7. [Aermyne] Still just one alliance?

    Okay. Thanks. I guess I'll try Solar then. Hope it's better than Shika. xP
  8. I've been thinking of starting a new character and It would be nice to pick a really friendly server. I heard that Aermyne has only one alliance and most people are in it. Is this still the case?
  9. List of new spell changes for today?

  10. I had no idea they were doing changes, log in, and all my spell points are reset on my Osa.. so is there a list of all the stuff they changed? Thought it was my xelor at first, then see it's my Osa and get disappointed. Blegh. >.<
  11. Perceptor Killers

    ^There should be three periods after the first "Good". Having them both together just totally takes away from it. Also, apparently hate is a lot like gas. If you just changed 3 words.. "Beans... Beans... Let the gas flow through you." It's a good thing neither can stay in your system for long. "Better out than in-"
  12. Heroic Aggression

    I think he means that you should pretend to be French and join those guilds that kill everyone. I'm not sure how you could manage that in Dofus though, there's no emote for grabbing random people and trying to tongue wrestle them. But if you could do that then they would definitely know you're French and ask you to join regardless of your level.
  13. La Madre Easy Reference Guide

    Here's one you might want to add to the top of the list.
  14. Int Iops in pvp

    And then it would count as a whole like.
  15. Ghostly shovel..

    I post in La Madre to complain. I like to vent. Nobody's forcing you to read all my threads/posts. I know I wouldn't. I've seen bribery completely heal a sac that was down to 1500 or less (back up to 4000 or w/e). So yes, I find it extremely irritating that not only can it be used to heal an ally, but they can also remove the "turn lost" condition via ghostly shovel. It should not be possible to combine the two spells IMO. And yeah, it sucks to have my summons debuffed. Especially if I spent a whole turn summoning, giving it life, AP, damage, etc.. It just barely doesn't reach them. They dispell.. and BAM!, most of the good stuff is lost. And yes they probably cast unsummon right after. At least when it's unbewitch I know they can't do it again for several turns. With enus I'll just have to remember to spread out the buffs on several players/summons. Also, the Enu dopple is better than any player enu in pre-frigost gear. I find that a little strange. Actually.. you know what? You're completely right. The only thing worse than wasting time posting gibberish is wasting time reading it.