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  1. Hello boiz, As I began playing 1.29 I was sort of checking out English speaking guilds, I saw a couple, no thanks no offence. So, if anyone from Echo, that either plays or wants to play Eratz you are welcome to join, you can pm the mage exoing master Deejavus, or Pm Me Trois-cph (rip bulgari was taken) can also Pm Marko-Echo. if you wonder why I decided to give 1.29 a go here is my answer: I believe dofus 2.0 version kept changing the characters based on peoples PvP experiences, I believe the game lost its organic touch because of increasing stupid long quests (1400-1500), (achievements also ruined item values because of mass production) the dofuses lost its values, everything is questable now, even vulbis dofus, and if I dont enjoy or like to quest Echo simply does not make sense to me. Also on Echo its very hard make kamas because of it's terible economy. I kind of saw this comming with all the increasing numbers of changes (character changes) and egg quests etc, but now that vulbis is questable too, whats left with value to get? honestly? 1.29 has been stable since it came out, no maints, rholbaks, or bad economy. its way more organic in terms of playing because you can drop all the eggs, add 120301230 improvements to your characters example: 8 exos on 1 character. Dofus 1.29 is just way more challenging than Echo & 2.0 is which is why I decided to spend my time there.
  2. Oh and, everything is priced tres bien ;-)
  3. Hello frerros and frerras, as im slowly progressing in 1.29 I decided to sell my gear on echo, well most of It to avoid a big decrease in value. If you are interested in stuff like eggs, epic mages, legendary items what so ever check my merchant Bvlgari at 0,1. ps. im not quitting, im just selling my stuff br. Bvlgari
  4. considering its missing a total value of 34 sink which you tried to compensate with 18 (3% res) I offer 1m would love to use it on my Pvm eniripsa
  5. you mean he originally owned the item back in the days and sold it for a fortune :^)? I remember that b3lt, however you won't get a dime for it due to the nerfed eggs level requirement, also I doubt low lvl PvP is a thing anymore - welcome to m3d-s3d-b3d-town
  6. and rip 1 less citizen in bullytown, 1+ s3dtown cuz quit walla b3d qued :^)
  7. k my turn, first of all b3d af for quit :^) jk I saw it coming, nice nationality, nice student, nice age walla quad u been b3d since I saw ur orange ass lvl 175 b3d af, now u 200 and stil b3d due to 25 wis Q o T hat and 30 AP / MP res. It was a pleasure playing with u, and u will be missed. But walla no goodbyes because you will always have your acc with same details ready to log in, ps. I might crush some thing :^) and change color (^: cuz b3d Yalla cya Qued! and fuk lief obv. for draining time :^)
  8. Hey Marko, credits for your funny post you are so funny
  9. Im irl afk walla = b3d
  10. Haha u funny nice funny moments guys
  11. So u are monika buddy xddd Am rogue FYI, welcome to m3dtown avec fgtless
  12. Walla you are bad ok If afking helps u stop being m3d stay afk m3dtown
  13. Hello, Im wondering if anyone else need the dumb quest called Kwismas spirit, (the tile thing on kwismas island) if anyone do, im trying to arrange an opening the 9th January 21:30 Dofus time, you can pm me IGN : Bvlgari It's quite complicated to open so it will probably need an arrangement. Requirements : Kwismas set. can read more about it here: http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Jails_of_Rayconciliation
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