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    Fashion designer i-r-l own label, www.fanchecph.com

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  1. Hey Marko, credits for your funny post you are so funny
  2. bulgari


    Im irl afk walla = b3d
  3. bulgari

    Kwismas Spirit

    Nice friend ^_^
  4. bulgari

    Your funniest Dofus moments

    Haha u funny nice funny moments guys
  5. bulgari

    Kwismas Spirit

    So u are monika buddy xddd Am rogue FYI, welcome to m3dtown avec fgtless
  6. bulgari

    Kwismas Spirit

    Walla you are bad ok If afking helps u stop being m3d stay afk m3dtown
  7. bulgari

    Kwismas Spirit

    Hello, Im wondering if anyone else need the dumb quest called Kwismas spirit, (the tile thing on kwismas island) if anyone do, im trying to arrange an opening the 9th January 21:30 Dofus time, you can pm me IGN : Bvlgari It's quite complicated to open so it will probably need an arrangement. Requirements : Kwismas set. can read more about it here: http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Jails_of_Rayconciliation
  8. bulgari

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Qued detected, dank amu for the dankest sadi :^)
  9. bulgari

    Beaware, [Illusionist, Sonux]

    Looks like you understood the meaning and background behind this post h, I do not care about the loss as I knew it was a risk even considering the person my mate bought it from, I saw it comming as I said above, however if that dude pmed some of my close mates from "Illusionist" and asked for some kamas/gear what so ever, it might end wrong as Illusionist been for my eni for serveral years. The point of this post is to prevent it happening gracias come again :^)
  10. bulgari

    Beaware, [Illusionist, Sonux]

    o rlly? I personally don't care about the actual loss, as you saw he isn't gonna return it anyway. What I care about is the fact the name "Illusionist" and my friend's "Sonux" could be used in the wrong way.
  11. bulgari

    Beaware, [Illusionist, Sonux]

    yeah G, can't be sad due to the fact I knew the risk, I just dont want pl to be scammed if he abuses the name of my eni x) #YoLendMoi4M
  12. bulgari

    Beaware, [Illusionist, Sonux]

    #Ripeni #RipSven #RipHispanic #getRobd
  13. 3 years ago my team partner (Socialist) bought an account from an *di*t I never really liked, known as Prospecting-enuxx Rosal origin from the guild soul eater, or something like that. The account has been safe for the last 3 years without any complications, however 2 days ago I discovered as what I called "our" eni was online. So I pmed to check if it was my team mate and it wasn't he claimed it was the "original owner of the account", so I discovered he re-claimed the account via phone obviously and stole all the belongings including the account. Another guy named Anthony, also known as (Smiloo) also bought his enu's account which he also re-claimed and scammed. Not crying loud about it as I knew this was a risk since day one, Dylan always convinced me that this guy was gone for good. I never liked the fact he bought this account from this moron who obviously turned out to do as my predictions. I made this post because the accounts can be used in many posible scams as the eni is recognized as my own, be aware people. for the people who recognizes this guy, he was the SIC of Soul Eater back in the days with Swingfly as leader. Prospecting enuxx. The accounts are currently members of Dutch Classics and Winland; ShoOoT-YoU-DowN (Illusionist) is in unknown area on the server Echo. Guild Classics, alliance [Force] ShOt-yOu-doWn (Sonux) is in unknown area on the server Echo. Guild Winland, alliance [Force]
  14. bulgari

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Wallauuuuw shiiiit son.... Congratz <3