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  1. btw bob.... I totally sold that inky before I quit. I thought I still had it but it's gone. LOL.
  2. Let's revive twisted empire! Shield already said he's in.
  3. Hey dude! Yeah was thinking of playing a bit after the merge. See you soon maybe :)
  4. Shield! How are you!? You still log? Hope you are doing well! :)
  5. Hey! Thought that maybe with the server merge, i might be able to see more familiar faces.
  6. This may drag me back if I see a lot of recognizable names playing x.x
  7. Haven't logged in ages, but was curious if anyone I know still plays. Stopping by to say hello :)
  8. 354 vit 70 str 70 int 34 wis 10 dmg 10/10/10 res 1 range 3 crits ~~~~~~~~ I'm not in a rush to sell it so I probably won't let it go too cheap, pm me here or catch me ingame with offers.
  9. Selling 2 Ice dofus. 25mk each
  10. Can you make sadis a neccassity for this stuff so I don't have to beg people all the time...
  11. Good times! So many old names way back on Rosal :) Is that Narz'hel Nerub (I probably butchered the name lol)
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