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  1. They look like voodoo dolls to me. Stick a pin in the eye and... CRITICAL HIT!
  2. A little over a year now. Strangely enough, I'm not here to cause trouble. I suppose nostalgia got the best of me and I felt the need to log back in.
  3. Miss me much? Probably not. I just dropped by... aren't you gonna say, hello?
  4. SyGzY


    What's worse is when they attack family shops, thinking they're somehow making a statement against the government... Real shame.
  5. SyGzY

    Dark Souls

    DAMN! ^_^ I thought the last game was harder than nails, but I cannot even begin to comprehend how much ass-kicking I'll endure if I play this one. Methinks I'd try it first before purchasing, just to be sure I don't break another controller in frustration. Aside from that, everything is HUGE, just the way I like it.
  6. Finally getting my new rendering farm with up to 24gb of upgradable ram.
  7. Used to be in NW ever since it started. They were cool until they had a bunch of douches join. NW sucks, lol.

  8. M1AjGjBDd-8 I like playing this while kicking ass at pvp.
  9. Lol warcrack. 7/10 since I know what it is now.
  10. My lower eyelid being swollen for no apparent reason. It doesn't itch but it looks hideous. :)
  11. Oh god, that's why I'm inclined to be an asshole to everyone on the server. Everyone excluding guildees and friends. Aside from that, those newbish parasites will never learn.
  12. My friend acting all depressed all of a sudden when I got my New Year's kiss. I was under the impression he was just drunk and tired, then he makes facebook posts, "There are moments in my life where I hate being me...today is definitely one of those days. The new year did not start of with much of anything except for me being a mopey douchebag." and "Everything sucks everybody sucks!" I asked him if he was okay and he just stared at me with a crooked grimace while crying his eyes out then spent the rest of the time at the party with his head down like an emo kid. If it goes on any further I'll have to have a long talk with him. :(
  13. Reaching the maximum amount of ogrines I could purchase in a 7-day period. :D *hmph!* All I wanted to do was bleed the kama market dry for whatever it has. Oh well, I'll have to resort to the boring *erm* conventional methods of earning kamas.
  14. When stupid little monsters get in the way of my farming. I click to reap the grain and a stupid tofu mob goes beneath my cursor at the same time and forces me to fight it. It's a waste of time. >:lol:
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