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  1. Erios

    Fight Club [EVENT]

    Ryu. Good job. You may have defeated us But! You spread the name of our lord and saviour Skrhi. I thank thee.
  2. Erios

    Fight Club [EVENT]

    I am here to present the Dream team!!! Skrhi's Babes! We are here to represent our lord and savior Skrhi, We are here to show you all that Skrhi is the only religion and master one needs And we are here to Kick some Pixilated but! Our team consists of: Hair-cat The Eca: The leader of our Cult... I mean Sect... I mean Guild! This cat is as sly as a fox and as devout as a cat looking at candy in a person's hand but! He is the most cute and fluffy cat you will ever meet. His special skill is rolling with his face over the keyboard to defeat his enemies! Azmorea The Feca: She's the beauty of our team and here to show how things should be done. She is a war veteran that has met Many foes of all heights but always emerged victorious! She is the power in our team but also the loving one who keeps us all together Erios the Eni: Erios has many names. Eri. Erios. Those are the names you may know him by and if you do. Be afraid to walk up since he is a failed alchemist who sooner makes explosions than fires while trying to make some simple tea. But! He is like an dragon when it comes to hoarding. He wants it all and never gives. Do be afraid of this person. If you don’t take care of your pet. He. Will. Come. We hope to achieve victory over all else by bringing the best of our guild has to offer! May we achieve Victory !! Team Name: Skrhi’s Babes Team Captain: Erios, Eni, 200 Team Champ: Azmorea, Feca, 200 The leader of our Cult: Hair-Cat The Eca, 200
  3. Erios

    Scavenger Hunt: Mods & Memes Edition [EVENT]

    If Animuffin was an male Demi-God
  4. Erios

    Scavenger Hunt: Mods & Memes Edition [EVENT]

    Okies Morgan meme master. All bow down to your new Lord and saviour. I saw the koth one before. Was amazing back than as well xD
  5. Erios

    The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    Honestly I am just happy something like this was organised. I love Dofus a lot and I am happy about these events. I do not care about Any money. If some one truly came for that than that person came for the wrong thing. The only exception that I would make is if some one is new and low leveled. If Laoshi truly cares about it than I will give him/her 3mk. It is not the promised 10 but it is a none promised 3 from a total stranger who only cares about Dofus and global happiness. If so please pm me on here or @Teroef on Dofus discord.
  6. Erios

    The Good Egg Hunt [EVENT]

    I nominate Azmorea. She is the best egg out there and why you ask? Well we are best friends and have proven this time and time again. Our friendship was solidified when we got 2 instagram capes. It was a very happy moment for us both and I still have the picture open on a tab of mine just because it was so good. Since than we have been incontact for a long time and we are very good friends. If any one knows that she is a wonderfull women than it is me.