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      I can't believe I didn't see this until now! 💜


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  2. Hello, I have an Ochre dofus I am looking to sell. Looking to get 84mk (Price is pretty firm) (82mk if you are in Guard.) Send me a message here, or /w me in game (Darnez or Smacko will be the easiest way to reach me) Sold for 82!
  3. And majority of the people who argue against this update are the ones who will not be using it. (Or they will use it later on and act like they wanted it the entire time)
  4. Noo don't change sadidas I love mine :(
  5. I'm sure you already realize this and have come to accept it. But not everybody is going to be willing to accept your apologies or the fact that you are trying to change. And you can't blame them, it will take more than a written up list of reasons that you are who you are to convince people that you want to change. You're placing yourself under a microscope (although most of your "haters" or people who don't care for you won't admit it) to be watched. The slightest slip up or disrespectful action will be enough for people to call you a liar and try and bury you back into the hole. I've cons
  6. Hello, I am selling an 18 CH Turq Dofus. Looking to get 55mk (Firm) Looking to buy an Ice Dofus. Looking to pay around 90mk. Satisfied for the moment. /w Ozain or Smacko, Yell at me on here. Through /a. Where ever.
  7. (Thank god for pro paint skills.)
  8. This is like asking somebody to punch you in the face, then getting angry when you get punched in the face. You knew she was having feelings about her Ex, but instead of taking a step back in the relationship. Or god forbid just talking to her about it. You go and play a little juvenile game fucking with her emotions. You might not seem to abuse her physically, but it seems like you have no problem abusing her emotionally and just fucking with her head. And then you want to get angry for her not passing your little test (Which you probably never even gave her material to study before hand, did
  9. Sub is up, I'm officially done. Peace.
  10. I consider getting back what you spent winning. I mean you get the satisfaction of scratching it off for free.
  11. (Since we are using dictionaries the word was "Civilized". Not Civilize) Civ·i·lized [siv-uh-lahyzd] Show IPA adjective 1. having an advanced or humane culture, society, etc. 2.polite; well-bred; refined. 3. of or pertaining to civilized people: The civilized world must fight ignorance. 4. easy to manage or control; well organized or ordered: The car is quiet and civilized, even in sharp turns. "Are humans not "considered" more advanced?". Than what? Ants? Yeah I guess. But couldn't you say Ants are more advanced than some other type of insect/animal? Can animals not have a
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