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  1. DOFUS Status: Subscriber Expiration date: 23/04/2019 - 10:35:19 Remaining subscription time: 22 hour (s) Accumulated subscription period: 7 year (s) 1 month 20 day (s) Total time: 12602h
  2. I hate the new features, the only way of doing any of the end game stuff now is to have your own super team. Even some of the quests I've found impossible to do. Please don't say get in a team, been there tried that and despite trying I haven't managed to get an invite in the last few months to do anything.
  3. The end result to this is that Ankama are claiming they can't find evidence of what happened despite all the evidence I provided, and that my log clearly showed 2 different ip addresses accessing my account, one from unknown and the other from China on the dates they stripped my account. Ok it might have been my fault, but surely Ankama could have done better than nothing?
  4. Thanks for the update, it's much appreciated as usual.
  5. I was a Sadida, I had more than enough summons. So how about you go fuck yourself and answer the op instead of just having another pop at me?
  6. Osa ftw :) BTW, I know it's only the final blow that counts. I haven't played for the thick end of 5 years either..
  7. In over 10 years I've never had the Arachnee summon for some reason. As for the chest I summoned it twice and it died quickly twice, Chafers when they decided to attack the enemy died fast as well. With shovel you have to hope it can get something close to an obstacle to actually do some harm. Spells, Lashing Retreat etc, if they have less than 200hp you could easily kill them anyway, and you have to somehow get them close to an obstacle as well. I have no doubt it's doable, I just don't have the patience to hope for a win while the boss is spamming summons. Kwakwa is just as bad....
  8. I just tried that in Bulbi, for some reason Poison didn't work so it was taking forever so I left.
  9. I'm loving my CRA/ENU partnership, however there's an issue although it's a minor one. That's one of the challenges, Clean Hands, where you need to use indirect damage to kill everything for some of the Dungeon achievements. There's no Dopple at lvl 200 now and the Chafer summon is just brain dead so it can be a pain, so much so that I just switched a lvl 101 Feca on an account to an Osa. Don't forget either that with a sidekick each you have a 4 man party taking on 4 monsters in a dungeon. Welcome back and have fun, don't stress about team size just enjoy.
  10. Existing account that's over 10 years old.
  11. I have read the faq's about transferring a character from one server to another and that there is then a month cooldown on it before you can transfer another. But does this cooldown count for same server transfers? When moving on the same server there's no delay, it's immediate unlike moving to a different server where it only happens on Tuesdays. I'm consolidating accounts so that various complimenting professions are on the same account rather than spread across 4 or 5. I moved one from one account but it won't let me move the second character to a different account now, will I now have to wait a month to move it to my main account? It doesn't mention it on the website. Transfer a character to another account How do character transfers work ? With character transfers, players can move one character from one account to another. This service is available in the Shop and costs 15,000 Ogrines. The transfer character service is instantaneous. What will be transferred ? When transferring a character from one account to another, you will keep: All items in your inventory (including your merchant mode), items linked to the character and account, and equipped items Your achievements Your kamas All your mounts Your guild and alliance The following will remain on the original account: Your home Your Haven Bag Your marketplace items What are the conditions and restrictions? Several conditions and restrictions apply to transfers. Please see below for more information. If transferring to an existing account: the 2 accounts will each have to be more than 4 months old and have the same family name Only characters who are level 20 or higher - or level 20 or higher in a profession - can be transferred. A player can only transfer a character to a server within their own community. You must be able to authenticate yourself on the two accounts (with the Authenticator or the Shield if they are active) How can I cancel a transfer ? The transfer service is instantaneous and cannot be canceled after purchase.
  12. The best thing you could now is to make another account and leech it up yourselves. I don't agree with you buying the account, but why on earth didn't you alter the phone number and password that was linked to the account? Or did the secret answer trip you up?
  13. Brak sewers had far better maps. But that's irrelevant, what is relevant is that players should be discouraged from buying accounts under any circumstance regardless of whether the legitimate owner is selling them or not. I get the reason he said he posted, but he was still wrong to buy another players account so why anyone has any sympathy at all is beyond me. If anybody he knows gets scammed now there's only one person to blame isn't there?
  14. Why? Yeah I fell for it, others have too...particularly after not playing for a few years and you're not aware that this shit is happening.. But what I didn't do is deliberately and cynically break the EULA/TOS by buying an account then come on here crying when it all went wrong. If any Devs bothered to come on here and read some of the posts like this or watch the EN community channels they'd have a field day banning or sanctioning accounts. Or maybe they are perfectly happy watching it all go pear shaped and they have a laugh about it over a beer after work.
  15. -Can I share, sell or give away my account?No. If you lend, share or buy an account, support will not give back items that are stolen, and the account may be permanently closed. You blatantly broke the EULA/TOS and suffered the consequences.
  16. I feel your pain mate, after over 10 years of playing and after a long break I fell for a stupid phishing scam when I came back and lost every Dofus, Kama, and over 600 lvl 100+ equips etc from my bank. I now have a bit of a hotchpotch of equips and after submitting screenshots and other evidence this is still under investigation. I'm hopeful that something can be done, I hope they can for you too...
  17. You buy them in the shop with Ogrines.
  18. Ok maybe I have been reading it wrong, but I always thought that you had to only wear one item from any one set. Yep you're right and I apologise.
  19. I was just looking through some sets on there. But the problem I keep finding is that players equip Nomad and Shaker + others and then put on equips from the same set, Nomad and Shaker and a lot more trophies don't work while wearing 2 or more items from a set. I'd say that it makes 90%+ of published setups false.
  20. So no update about the Enu chest? I'm still hoping they change their mind :(
  21. I just checked and my phone number seems to be ok, if it had been changed the authenticator wouldn't work...would it?
  22. I'll get on to them to see if they will. I have proof of ID that I had to send with the support tickets with the screenshots and chat logs etc.
  23. Ok it looks like I mis-read the kama exchange thing and it looks like it was me converting the ogrines to kamas yesterday but it's presented weird in the email, sorry. As for the password I only had shield, now I have the phone app as well. But regardless of that there's no way they should have been able to get my new password.... Is it possible to change your username name as well?
  24. After changing my password I got up this morning to find I had been logged in through the night somehow. This time all the kamas had gone along with everything over level 100 from my bank. Altogether over 600 items had gone. The worst part is that I had spent £80 on Ogrines to re-equip..all my kamas had been converted back to ogrines :( and somehow transferred out of my account. I'm still waiting for a reply from Ankama.. It'll be a pity to delete the account but if they can't keep it secure then I can't see any other choice than starting from scratch. I wonder how I stand legally considering that they have a duty of care and protection towards the players?
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