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  1. Long time no post! Last past two weeks i've been creating videos again! Here's an update for the latest one!
  2. Me and my brother and girlfriend will go on this server as the following Frozthax - iop / str/int - Hammersmith and swordsmith and shoemaker. Grakilo - Eca / agi/cha - Jeweller and gathering proffs Aiireko - Eni / intel - Tailor and Food professions. We will also be active on the stream on twitch!
  3. Welcome back to......rushu... get yo ass back to shika :|
  4. Now that you've invited your friend, who has 0 knowledge about the game, what do you start with? Do you just plain leach him or her to a certain level? Do you give him/her a set and tell them to figure it out? What do you do, because when I bring a friend to the dofus world, I'm clueless what to start with. There's so much to discover and the world is huge.
  5. "we're going to animate the sprite. " No animation anywhere to be seen, except designing the monster ;-;
  6. Alright guys! The video is done ^__^ Hope you guys like it.
  7. Frozthax

    Day 1

    I remember playing dofus for the first time back in 1.29 Let me tell you a tale about my adventure. The first time when I played. I never ever done a MMORPG before either so I was quite confused. xD My friend that time(Alyshia) told me about dofus and that it was a quite fun game for her. So I joined..hell I didn't know what I was doing, but hey! It was fun! So we wandered around in incarnam, me with my Xelor and her with her Sadi. Eventually a friend joined and we played together. She was hitting way more than me and I was like... " how do you hit so much?? " " I'm strenght " She said. So you know what I do as a level 11 Xelor? I put my stats in strenght. Yes.. my damage did not increase at all. I did not know intel infected my spells.. After we were level 20 ish, she quit. I was alone and I still liked the game quite a lot. I asked my mom if she could buy me a Wallie-Card. (This was the only payment method I knew.) I subbed for the first time and got my gobtubby! I was so happy you wouldn't even believe it!! XD The +150 HP the gobbal gave would be a lovely addition to my character. But then I got the gobbal.. I had no extra stats, but I did have a cute gobbal right next to me u-u Eventually I met a person ingame who taught me some things, how to let my gobbal get more HP. She took me to the tainela and we battled some gobbals. My goal ofcourse was to get a lot. And then the adventure started. Started off with getting some kamas, leveling alchemist and making myself lots of potions! Scrolling was an amazing thing too back then, farming them larva skins and all.. anyway, Just level together and level professions and make money together, it can be hella fun!! :)
  8. Hey guys, sorry for the triple post, but no one replied in a long time so. I'm working on a new video right now, which is a surpise and I'll try to get back into it some more. But for that I need some good idea's and they run out quite fast haha I'm also in my Exam period, last half year of school. *sigh* My twitch is still active every now and then, but I need to force myself some more to get more active on that. Hope you guys dont mind :)
  9. that's the beta tho. XD it's better now haha
  10. Does anyone here play rainbowsix on Uplay? :D If so, feel free to add me :3 Username : Frozthax We could discord during it for some nice teamplay! :D
  11. The first thing I'll say is....ssssssssssap! Okay so i got back, on shika, ITS DEAD. Ok not fully dead but i don't see much around. Can anyone give me a brief short overview of what I missed? I stopped sometime around februari i think. Incase you guys say, server transfer to an active server, I looked at it and...no.. either 70 euro's or 40-45 million kamas needed to transfer. It's too expensive on both especially on shika cause the trade chat is..dead. So I'd have to find a way to get into it again, maybe sub with real money..not much of a choice really. But yeah hi.. I'll also start streaming again, I just need to find a date to stream weekly (once or twice) and find something cool to stream about :)
  12. Woah, how low can you go to steal someone else's art??? Make your own damn art.
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