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Everything posted by Auron

  1. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    What!? Zenith: Damage has been increased.
  2. Hey all, Just curious if there is anyone currently playing or played this game at all? Got a few questions about it. Cheers, Auron.
  3. Hi all, Just got a quick question as to how many different placement positions can a boss mob have (including dimension) on 4 loot (if it makes a difference). Cheers, Auron.
  4. Post your goals and achievements

    Can confirm the above the above for boss fights if you use the same gear move the exact same all monsters and boss will move the same have not tested on count b/c I always do things abit different when I am there as gear is changing abit rn.
  5. Is a team required to enjoy the game?

    Zapp sitting only requires one account, but being serious either join mono server for 1 account (I hear from other friends these servers are pretty good team wise not sure how critical it is to be in a good guild/alliance not looked into it further but alot of my friends have jumped from standard server to mono) or if you want to play more characters 4-5 accounts is more than sufficient for all dungeons in the game I have managed most content with 4 accounts only bring an extra character if I need more of a boss drop.
  6. Buying Ivory Dofus

    100mil k is a steal, I would have thought it would have a greater value even if the end game dungs have been nerfed b/c getting ivory was annoying af. If I knew how much hassle it was to get one I would have considered buying one if I actually needed it but just did it for achieves.
  7. Dofus Advent Calendar

    Since I am at work for sometime as long as I have logged my characters between the hours mentioned above I will be automatically credited with the mimi or I need to login again to assign it to the character (as per normal) and the kwismas theme is this from ankama or is it a fan made one?
  8. Dofus Advent Calendar

    Apparently the code was leaked to early and has been disabled. == Hello, For information, the gift code of Nowel that circulated without our knowledge since yesterday 15:30 was disabled last night, around 23:30, until further notice. The latter should have been formalized today at 10am, but the massive use of it has been identified as potential source of the successive service interruptions suffered on our sites yesterday, we prefer to wait for the resolution of the problem inducing the unable to log in and access our sites; and, eventually, go on an alternative distribution afterwards for those who would not have had the opportunity to use it in time, because we obviously wish to thank each of our players with these few gifts.Despite this inconvenience, we wish you pleasant end-of-year holidays, on our games (or not). Stupfyy. https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1081-actualite/2262386-nowel-code-cadeau
  9. Dofus Advent Calendar

    Im curious if its ip based or not. I managed to get it last night on iop/enu np trying on alts but nada.
  10. Dofus Advent Calendar

    Should these be available once to each account? or one per account per ip ?
  11. Friend List troubles

    Thats a new one, now I will have to take a look see at my list but the regulars who are online when I play all seem to be there don't notice any missing so far.
  12. Friend List troubles

    I have noticed this has been happening for years. Seems whoever has not logged in sometime has friends auto removed for w/e reason. I remember before when I always had a problem with a friend list limit being at max they apparently fixed that then I started having the whole friends removed thing happening and pretty sure thats just how it is.
  13. Wisdom Sets for noobs

    Hi there, Just curious at what level intervals I should look to update the wis gear (and which items I should use) my noob characters are using rn in prespic with a few wis fillers fully scrolled with cawwot dofus. Cheers, Auron
  14. Pre-Sentient Potion ?

    How do we obtain these? Tried it on test server but not sure where/how to get one? Craftable or something in the shop ?
  15. Hi there, Looking to sell my Cloudy dofus 70mil in merchant near -2 0 (Cloud-Strife) Cheers, Auron.
  16. Sold for 61mil please close.
  17. Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Another Cra would be alot easier you get everything par ubw otherwise just use enu if you want someone to ubw, not sure what sadis are like after update if they have other mp reduction spells but linear soothing/grass im not a fan of personally and UP can be unrealiable. If it was me I would just go with another cra complete the otomai dungeons and keep relics on hand with the reset quests completed so you can change builds if you need more dmg or want to be mp reduction. Feca is nice but the lack of range on mp stealing spells isn't that great (don't recall any new mp stealing spells I could be wrong ofc).
  18. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    Hope its pushed trying to clear w/e achieves I can before enu nerf.
  19. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    Still no date on when this update will come out ?
  20. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    I seem to be having problems with various spells from different classes is anyone else getting this? (click to use a spell no ap is used it just does nothing). Also getting errors saying files missing however I have already used the updater and there are no changes being made to the files.
  21. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    Duel, Fate, poutch, precip, brokle, Poison Wind, sram double, invsibility of others, living chest and even freakin bwak eggs WOW
  22. Feca/Iop Duos

    Hey everyone, Just curious on a Feca/Iop team if those two can clear all duos in game rn or not. If there are any dungeons that this pair can really not complete please can you let me know. Cheers, Auron