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  1. I just created an account and subbed on Henual! IGN: Palin-Drome/Sarla Will touch base when I get time to actually play tomorrow
  2. Had a dream last night that I started and someone lent me an exo adventure set... LOL looks like the bug bit me, probably going to start sometime next week! Will touch base once I do! Thanks
  3. See a lot of familiar faces! Thinking about starting over again on the 1.29 servers because I have no clue as to whats going on in 2.0 after logging in after a few years LOL. Would you say Eratz or Henual if I was starting fresh ?
  4. Trying out cha eni on beta, can anybody help me out with a decent cha set to test damages/spells etc. Thanks !
  5. Thanks bud, do I have to do this every time I log the 8 chars? I wish there was an easier way, on windows way back when I used an program where I just log on in each tab in order of initiative and that was that lol
  6. Hi guys, Just recently started back up on the dofus tip and I was wondering if theres any mac users out there that can help me. I multiclient and switching between clients is tedious.. I'm aware theres a program on windows that organizes all the clients into one tab so that you can just switch between them that way, but is there one for a mac? And if so could somebody steer me in the right direction? Going to be running about 6 accounts so I'd appreciate the help! Thanks
  7. Lmfao when did dofus change so much.. I haven't played in quite a long time but holy does the end battle menu really look like that now.. So dissapointed.
  8. I wanna make an iop now..
  9. Yeah but now you have a choice of using another mount. I'm 9ap/6mp with a plum/ebony haha. Not that I need extra range really but I'd rather rock. Once your 188 you can use shroom set + ap/mp gelano and ginger/emerald to get 10 ap 6 mp which is also pretty nice. He'd probably have to have str scrolled for that too, and some more gear with + strength which is a hassle if you don't have enough to invest in both agi and strength.
  10. I used Porkeez at one point also and I liked it.. but after switching to Ice, I didn't wanna go back. In my opinion, Ice deals more damage and a standard set could be - Solomonk Tenfu Cape Frigostine's Belt Gorithim/Harry Boots Gelano (ap/mp) Buck anear's hook Frigostine's Amulet Ice Daggers It's a pretty nice setup and you could fill the dofus slots with air damage/agi trophies + init trophy.
  11. Which is why I'm moving back to Rosal.
  12. Alright, I'll be straight forward... If you've been on Rosal since the beginning, you may remember me as that nooby feca named RavenClaws... I also played on QueenHel when she quit. I came back a few months ago to find that most of my HeavenKnight buddies have either quit or moved on.. (Shelor, Odie, Nick.. etc etc etc..) I decided to start off fresh on Aermyne because my old chars passwords have gotten reset and I don't hold the email to the account anymore. I was somewhat dissapointed by the lack of English speakers on Aermyne so I'm deciding to transfer back to my home server. I'm hoping that Rosal is the same as I remembered it back then.. with friendly and active people. Anyways if you want to chat or just do anything, I'm a 185 sac so hit me up in game. If there are any HK officers still around.. hit me up also I might consider joining again. -RC
  13. Anybody have a str set with peccary and a turq/ochre/crims I could use?
  14. Same problem the map doesnt load for my main but it loaded for an alt.. weird :/ EDIT: So I logged out of my alt and went on my main said to open uplauncher because map I was on was not correctly downloaded and now the uplauncher is downloading so guessing it will work now.
  15. I seriously want to play on the test server but every time I log on it says impossible to load map data and I can't do anything..can anybody help me please?
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