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  1. If Jon is willing to try it's probably easier to make an entirely separate version vs. attempting to filter things out. I can provide the 129dofus.com SQL databases and images if someone would like to make an attempt. The wiki isn't 100% accurate by any means, but a very large portion of the content is there and should be easily importable into whatever formats required.
  2. WTB them candies by themselves. :l
  3. Quote from Discord because I'm lazy. If anyone else is tired of having to view page histories from 2009, you're in luck! :D P.S. Henaul server is best server.
  4. The gelano's mine, damn it. :P
  5. Looks like the site is down at the moment. :(
  6. Is it possible to use the trophies with <2 set requirement if you have two different set bonuses? i.e. 2 Anc and 2 Pirates?
  7. Welcome to IV! Thanks for all the exp last night. :)
  8. Crosspost from the official forums: I figured IV would be a great place for some feedback as well. Thanks!
  9. Just started back up on Shika myself with a new Sram. I've played on and off for years, anyone is free to add me on Aeradeth. I mainly slaughter PCs/Pig mobs, but I'm up for dungeons/whatnot if needed. :D
  10. ...shows you how recently I started playing again, lol. I didn't realize Agressive went down to 4ap! Totally solves my problems. Thanks for the help guys! :)
  11. This was more what I was hinting at. From the impression I've had so far weapons are basically useless for Sadidas other than being used for stats. So now I'm just wondering is Killarity/Splinter really worth dropping the AP from Zoth if I have no other methods of obtaining 11ap? There's definitely not an ochre anywhere in my future, and losing that last AP automatically drops my ranged damage by about 250 damage. (At my current level)
  12. I was under the impression that weapons weren't really worth it as far as PvM/PvP went on a Sadida. I've seen Killarity recommended a lot, and did think about trying to get one, but it seems like 11 ap is more beneficial, and how do you make use of all that range if you're moving in on the enemy to CC? I'm 146 btw. Planning on getting a Plum/Eme for the range, just waiting for some stuff to sell. :) Thanks for the advice!
  13. Close to about 1k damage per turn with agro+2x bramble. Not really made for PvP at all with those trophies, more quality of life stuff for PvE to build up cash reserves and dungeons.
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