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  1. But is it worth to waste this free reset at level 36? At the time I played panda they just didn't work without at least 5mp base. So for starting fresh I am wondering whether it's gonna be painfull to play with 2pms only.
  2. Are Pandas viable for playing solo/monoaccount server? I like chance pandas but I have stopped playing Dofus since a while ago. I would even play int or str and then switch to chance, is it worth? How hard is to switch to another element at level 36?
  3. Hello everybody, I have returned to Dofus some weeks ago after a long period out of the game, maybe 3 or 4 years. I am now levelling a Panda str (she is level 169 now and then I will switch to pure chance at level 182). Also I have some friends that got back recently and we are slowly setting up a team. We already have a 199 Osa, 15x str/agi Sram, a 199 str Iop and we are levelling up a full int/support Eni and an agi Elio. As you can see, and correct me if I am wrong, we already have mobilization, damage output, prospecting and healing. But I am not sure if we lack more secondary damage/support or ap/mp removal. What you guys think? As for the first I was thinking about a Int Foggernaut because of dmg/healing, and for the later I was thinking about a Int Enu for nice damage without LoS, healing and mp removal or a Int Cra because of the nice AoE damage and awesome ap/mp removal capability, not good damage on mp removal but still does its job tho. But also came to my mind a possible Int Feca. Oh sure. This Int thing is because we lack int damage too. Any suggestions on the class I should pick for my alt? If the suggestion coincides with the classes I mentioned but the element does not, feel free to suggest too. Thanks.
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