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  1. Upperfocus True Vision Scaled up Vertascape Upperdimensions Upscape Acutabove Imagined above From Above HD Dimensions above Re-imagined photography WearetheNSAandwearewatchingyouHD
  2. got time to pop ingame?

  3. Hey Imps! I haven't played in a few months now and the amount of changes has left me behind in terms of character builds and my team. Give that my Eni is now naked, I thought this would be a good time to re-construct and possibly introduce a new character... If anyone could give me some help on the most efficient/effective builds for my classes as a team I'd be grateful I'll list their current build and equips as well. Iop: 200 Currently strength build in a Broucey set up using Gigers as his weapon. Cra: 199 Currently Stre/Agi in a Fuji set using Ogivol belt and battleflag with Godswrat
  4. Really bad line up this year in my opinion, not been good since 2010. Only a few bands to really entice you over the weekend with too many "meh" bands listed, The Cure are past it, Florence should never be supporting Kasabian. The Foo's are good but a couple of years late to be excited about...
  5. I heard you lost a lot of your stuff. Either way, pop in sometime to say hi?

  6. Hey guys, i'm running an Earth Hour event and currently creating the advert for it any chance anyone could help me with a text effect I need to create? I need to the text to look like the candle light text in the advert, any help?
  7. Hai! Kinda quit Dofus :P

  8. Ahh but the Software on the Note is also as good as the Iphone 4s's as well as bolstering it with the stylus and its incorporated applications. It has much better input methods, video creation software and hardware as well as camera/chatting business applications and now even social integration facilities. It also has the SD Card Port which to me is a must have and allows me to expand with out paying an absolute premium for memory. The Galaxy Note has literally been released in the last month, the Iphone has been out for a few months and is still more expensive on Pay as You Go than the Not
  9. I accept that we all have our bias however the argument is opinion based overall therefore I rely more on actual facts such as specifications in order to perceive why one phone is better then another, for instance the Iphones screen being under sized in order to handle tasks i'd like to be able to on a phone. That's subjective and is a direct opinion for me. However stating that the Galaxy Note has a 1.5 ghz processor as opposed to Apples lower grade processor and the Note having 1 gb of Ram compared to the Iphones 756 mb of ram mean it can not cope with as many actions. Which is fine if as
  10. Hey All I've been playing with Legacy Defending since about the second week of FIFA 12 coming out. Purely because the mess that FIFA hailed "Tactical Defending" just wasn't up to par with legacy defending and despite their claims of it being "precision based" was a pile of wank that left players in heaps over each other wishing they hadn't bothered giving their likeliness to the game. I recently decided to revert back to give it a second go giving that it was patched and might have somehow went from wank status to mutual masturbation. I started a Head to head season with Lyon and absolute
  11. Massive bias towards Iphone going on there sir! Iphone is pretty much only the market leader for a music device integrated phone so it pretty much took over from the Sony Ericsson Walkman style phones. I went into a store today to compare phones and found the Iphone 4s screen to be extremely small, like literally too small reminded me of my old LG Viewty, it was slick to use but no more than my Samsung Galaxy S and I did a pretty long comparison. Yes there were alot of app's but too many of them were pointless or cost money to buy for them to claim they still dominate the App Market... Ip
  12. IPhones screen is too small for me! The software is pretty much the same generic software and the Galaxy S 2 dwarfs the IPhone in comparison with Gingerbroad over laying compared with the specifications no arguments really. The 4S is a nice piece of hardware but only competes with the S2 doesn't beat it and the Galaxy Note has no competitor...
  13. 3210>smart phones! Samsung is my favorite phone manufacturer at present but Apple is still a solid Creator just over priced and under specced. I consider a 4s for ITunes integration but not worth it when I lose out on the notes functionality :P! Seems I've started a phone debate shall I edit the title or is there one already?
  14. Chris why would you say that with out any reasoning? I've had a Galaxy S without any trouble after a year and four months and only want the new one for features. Samsung specs dwarf that of HTC and Motorola and Apple with the Note and Nexus at the moment... I have seven months before I upgrade but haven't managed a deal yet, what provider are you with?
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