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  1. hello, I hadn't realised people might still use this guide as reference. I see some things have changed in a major sense, and can update this soon. As you may see I never really got around to finishing it the way I wanted and advised that I would, but I'll try my best this week at some point, if only to update the powers and stuff on the table.
  2. It wasn't speculation. Don't tell me I'm "speaking out of my ass" because you're too misinformed to see the light of day. Ankama are losing French players, which is their main playerbase, and losing money. More banned accounts paired with this = huge losses. I don't come to this forum where I haven't logged in for 1 year+ to write something "I think", I didn't even remember the game or the ridiculous company. It's not an opinion I have of them, it's literal fact. There aren't many employees in Ankama who actually do the job right or who give a damn about anything. If you speak to anyone who works there, you'll see exactly what I mean. The only thing Ankama seem to be good at is giving compensation. Probably because they have so much experience of doing so.
  3. Guys, you're highlighting the wrong facts. Ankama made a massive fuck up by allowing players to do the paddock thing (something to do with doubling money if you sell them I hear?). Hate on Ankama, not the players. Ankama always fuck up. A witch hunt for players who abused the bug is going to do absolutely nothing. Your compiled list of player names will literally go straight into the bin. Why? Dofus is their biggest money grabber. They aren't the biggest firm, and they're known for making massive fuck ups pretty much bi-monthly (when was the last time they didn't fuck something up?) They don't want to turn away any players or lose money by penalising any accounts, so you're wasting your time. It's actually their official view on it; they're literally not going to do anything about players who abused the bug (except 2-3 people to make an "example"). Thank fuck I don't play this stupid ass game anymore. I assume you all heard about the 4-month rollback a Spanish server got because they didn't pay attention to their own backups? And also about the new class they released which didn't work, and one of the higher ups who decided to release it on a Saturday (when there's no Ankama staff to correct any fuck-ups). Ridiculous company.
  4. http://forum.wakfu.com/es/149-informacion-oficial-ankama/123832-anuncio-situacion-elbor You think you have it bad? xD I personally know a CM for Wakfu. The company in general, for Wakfu at least, do not give a fuck. The rollbacks are because of "human error". 4 months of human error? Take from that what you will.
  5. I managed 5 to 7 using the +1 wis runes, when I was showing someone how to level costumagus, you just need a lot of patience. It is possible. The cap is actually +33 wisdom. :P
  6. Even if you don't have a crim, you could still have that power trophy in there somewhere. When filling dofus slots (or trophy slots w/e), always prioritise in your mind what end result you'd prefer, even if u have x-pl-teampvperfrance-pl-x telling you u need a certain trophy or ur shit.
  7. Just started playing again and immediately had an order for 3 TF ammys, 2 boots and 2 belt with OM crit res ._. anyway, this was my favourite one of the 7.
  8. That's all well and good in theory, however being a Taneila zaap sitter I get asked almost daily for gobbal keys, kamas, so on and it does get a bit tiring listening to it, besides I usually won't just hand over freebies to every tom dick and Harry who ask for handouts!I do keep a large pile of gobbal dung keys though for those who ask nicely. :P
  9. Kedj

    catch ye

    thanks man, but you kind of missed that bit xD
  10. i have sort of returned to dofus more or less give or take, and the main reason was maging. i fucking love it. enchanting equipment on diablo 3 just does not cut it. anyhoo, i want to maintain and update this topic for those concerned. i welcome (and sort of need) any feedback about how to make it excellent. ta muchly.
  11. Kedj

    catch ye

    i have prizes for everyone who participated anyway (somewhere, depends wtf olly done with them), and er, i can't really distribute the prize fund since everyone kind of gave up :angry:
  12. Kedj

    catch ye

    i have sort of returned, if you count dofus playing in the background while i work/play diablo 3 if i owe you a return and or prize from the shika tournament, pls contact
  13. of course, wisdom is born from experience. :p
  14. lel rob top tip, start going to the gym and don't just "go", get a trainer or at least someone who knows what they're doing who can teach you a routine. don't show off your sexy body too much when the time comes, let it be a surprise for the guy you end up with. you'll know he's not just in it for sex when he thinks you're this wee midget fucking cunt.
  15. remember when you visit scotland best country that you assured me you wanted me to penetrate you with my ding dong
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