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  1. Yeti_Spaghetti

    Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    Why even PLAY Enutrof anymore? I'm fucking done.
  2. Yeti_Spaghetti

    Bunch of Keys SEARCH function

    I don't remember the exact day. Especially when I'm on Uni break.
  3. Yeti_Spaghetti

    Bunch of Keys SEARCH function

    Ever since they changed the UI, you can no longer select BoK and scroll down to find which key is available. There are so many keys that without a search function, you can no longer see keys listed at the top. Perhaps add in a search field somewhere?
  4. Yeti_Spaghetti

    In a submarine…

    Rogue Panda
  5. Yeti_Spaghetti

    In a submarine…

    Getting really tired of the power creep.
  6. Yeti_Spaghetti

    In a submarine…

    More content (harnesses) locked behind the Ogrine shop? Thanks Ankama.
  7. Yeti_Spaghetti

    Increase level cap

    Not everyone has 8 level 200's.
  8. Yeti_Spaghetti

    Increase level cap

    I'm in support of either one. Increasing level cap or a prestige system. Having a prestige system would be great because it would encourage the max leveled people to group up and exp with people who actually need it.
  9. Yeti_Spaghetti

    S>Age-Old Helmet overmaged vitality!

    What the fudge? The only thing I've bought from anyone recently is an Ice Dofus. Edit: And that was from Slowness.
  10. Yeti_Spaghetti

    Dofus 3.0 in 3D

    Same. It looks awesome. Now the friends who I've tried MULTIPLE times to get into the game will actually give it a shot.
  11. Yeti_Spaghetti

    BETA 2.33

    Any changes to Mutant Itsh?
  12. Yeti_Spaghetti

    Eca dimension soon

    Honestly this. More levels is really what this game needs to revive it. (and get rid of this AvA rubbish as well) You remember the days when you'd see a level 200 with that Super Saiyan aura shit and you'd literally wet your pants on the spot?
  13. Yeti_Spaghetti

    Beware Of Phishing Links - Rushu

    I was having fun, but he gave up quite quickly.
  14. Yeti_Spaghetti

    BETA 2.33

  15. Yeti_Spaghetti

    BETA 2.33

    How the heck are you supposed to beat Mutant Itsh??