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  1. Class: Panda Build: Chance Current team: iop, enu, panda, eni, elio, cra Lvl range: 200 Extra comments: Preferably a setup with only one AP or MP exo. I'm enjoying the Cha build but would be interested in hybrid / omni setups aswell. Turq, Crimson and Ochre available. 6 MP is greatly preferred. PvM
  2. Seems to me that there was somekind of error message on the first purchase, because he had kamas in the bank, and the purchase would cause the amount of kamas to exceed two billion (A limit set by ankama because they are using 32 bit signed integers for the kamas). So the first purchase failed, but it looks like the kamas in the purchase where still "floating" somewhere. so when the guy took the kamas out of the bank, and the other guy tried to purchase again, the purchase went through, but instead of 1b appearing in his bank, the money of both purchases ended up there, even thou
  3. Hello, I'm looking to craft some monster bread but it appears the recipe has recently changed. The recipe found on Wikia is outdated and doesn't work. Does anyone know what the new recipe is? Thanks!
  4. I did them just the other day on my 5 alts and I don't think any of them had any incraham quests done. You just start at your class master in astrub.
  5. Appears to be fixed now :p Had the same issue and after restarting the launcher it downloaded another update.
  6. If you ever need Dutch translations, I'm available :)
  7. Why bother posting an "easy fight" in the "Owning" topic?
  8. I'm pretty sure those people are no longer allowed to sell those cards.. but if you do find one I think they will just send you the code.
  9. Holy crap! Steph! Derk, Livit, Tied here if you remember me.. It has been litterly yeaaars since I have spoken to you... Looking forward to talking to you again :) Shoot me a message here or ingame at "Livit" :) I know who is using your feca.
  10. looks like the drops royal gob would give in like 2005-2006 :)
  11. If it's a perc that's holding multiple.. yes :P
  12. Just tried and it won't work for me either.. Tells me the payment is not accepted and to try again in 24 hours.
  13. Why not a kralomansion for 2 extra range on blindness? :o
  14. Buy loads of 8 loot souls of frig 2 boss that you can kill fairly quick will probably be one of fastests ways for you. If you don't plan on spending money on it just run some frig 2 dungeon you are comfortable with.
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