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  1. Dovahkiin

    Infinite Dreams

    Dofus Delve lol
  2. Dovahkiin

    Higher GHz or more cores for Dofus?

    I didn't skimp on storage, the only part I did kinda skimp on was the GPU for the price/performance ratio and only got a Rx580, instead of going 1080Ti like I first planned. But the 580 definitely holds strong in a LOT of titles that I play.
  3. Dovahkiin

    Higher GHz or more cores for Dofus?

    I ended up just buying a Ryzen 2700X and a Gigabyte x470 Motherboard, H500p mesh Case, 750w PSU, 16gb's of ram and was just patient, buying a piece every week. Instead of wanting the NOWNOWNOW and buying lower end laptops from 2005 xD. Thanks for the info! Sorry for resurrecting an old topic lol.
  4. Dovahkiin

    MapleStory 2

    It looked like more as a side scroller. Now it's all crazy weaboo and 3dish
  5. Dovahkiin

    Buying Ebony seemy and scarab harness

    From what I've been hearing, Scarab harness's wont be exchangeable until January next year.
  6. Dovahkiin

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    After playing a Chance/Agility Panda and then going full Chance again I decided to try out Chance/Intel for Explosive flask hits. So far I am loving it. I use this currently on my Panda, its not super tanky, but I play keep away with my team, so this works out very well. http://dofp.la/kQJLZ/
  7. Dovahkiin

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    This is what I use on my nub Cra http://dofp.la/o4pB8/ I did go with a full Strength/Chance build at first but what PvM Cra doesn't like using Fulminating xD So I went with this build and it still hits 2k with Atone/Punitive and 1800ish with the Cats axe. I was using stuff like a Queen of Fate cape for more critical damage but I set this Cra up to also have a small amount of res, with a few small %res exos he is at:
  8. Dovahkiin

    Incorrect Banning & Abuse of Support

    If you never ran with Thesus in a perc fight, then you I wonder where they got the idea that those accounts were possibly owned by Thesus himself, that's what I'm talking about. I hope they don't just look at my team running across a map and just ban me for "being Thesus" doubt they just pull this shit out of thin air lol Anyway nice job, glad they got their stuffs back, sucks to see people get banned for no reason
  9. Dovahkiin

    Incorrect Banning & Abuse of Support

    That's what happens when you run with people who multi client often, I wouldn't be seen running with Thesus or (I removed the names on second thought) at anytime. I'ts like hanging out with someone irl who commits crazy crimes such as burglary quite often, you wouldn't hang out with them, because then you get associated with them. It's as easy as that, don't fight with or chill with people that are known to do retarded ass things. Problem solved.
  10. Dovahkiin

    Dofus Client cant update HELP :3 Error U04020095

    After a quick google of your problem, I came across someone having the same problem and their fix was to fix disk permissions in the "disk utility" tool.
  11. Dovahkiin

    Dofus Client cant update HELP :3 Error U04020095

    I just tried to troubleshoot basic PC values, since I know nothing about Macs. ...But I noticed it says you don't have sufficient rights, I figured there might be a lack of administrator privildeges on the current account that you are using on your Mac.
  12. Dovahkiin

    Dofus Client cant update HELP :3 Error U04020095

    Is there a "run as administrator" option on macs? Aslo could check and make sure that your on an admin account, so that you are able to access and write/change stuff around on your primary hard drive partition.
  13. Dovahkiin

    Higher GHz or more cores for Dofus?

    Does more ram equal more that will be used? Mine tend to start out at 700-800mb each. Anyway, thank you for the responses, I ended up finding a 2.2-2.6ghz I7 HP Probook for $50. It's smaller and doesn't have a back lit keyboard but I tested 6 accounts on creature mode and I can move all 6 quickly with no lag, so that's all that matters to me at the moment. i think the guy sold me this laptop so cheap because it came with no hard drive and when I booted it up for some reason windows didn't have any drivers loaded up on it at all. No Ethernet or wireless drivers. That was annoying, so I had just went over to the HP site and grabbed everything I thought I would need for the Ethernet compatibility and out them onto an external 1tb. Then placed them onto the desktop on the HP and then loaded them up. That's the first time I've ever seen a laptop not get at least the ether net drivers on a clean OS boot. Even with the slightly lower Ghz, and 2 less cores, Dofus doesn't seem to suffer too much, probaby because this HP also has two added gigs of ram than the Dell had that I was using. Thanks again o/
  14. I found a decent little i5 laptop at a good price that has a dual core processor clocking at 2.5ghz-3.2ghz turbo boost. My question is will that laptop do well at replacing my i7 quad core processor laptop that runs at 1.6ghz-2.2ghz? At least for the time being, the i5 is just something I found in the area as a temporary replacement. I wasn't sure if Dofus itself prefers to use up cores/threads rather than actual clock speeds. I've only ever run on my i7, so I'd hate to get this i5 and find out running six accounts is really sluggish, even on creature mode. Edit: Ram installed on both laptops is 6gigs of ddr3.
  15. Dovahkiin

    Dofus Beta 2.47.13:1

    Thanks, was hoping it was something I use. But nope, I guess they want to see more strength Pandas running around.