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  1. Dofus 2.46 Changelog

    Looking at the word Argenté made me think of Argentina. Which comes from the Latin term"argentum", which means silver. The origin of this name goes back to the first voyages made by the Spanish conquerors to the Río de la Plata. Interesting stuff!
  2. The official newbie question thread!

    Awesome, thank you for the info, Ill get stuff to replace my Anerice hats/capes so I hit/heal more with the appropriate elements while fighting in PvM.
  3. The official newbie question thread!

    I feel like I should know this already, but resistance does help in PvM correct? Just wondering why everyone I talk to in game asks why my PvM characters have 30-50% in resistances. I built them for both PvM/pvp, should I make my nubs a PvM set for more damage output? I figured res helped with basic survivability in both types of combat.
  4. Well yeah, when you make different peices of one set require 60 drops from a dungeon boss, this kind of thing happens. Hopefully they get their shit together and actually test the content and ideas out before releasing their update this time. Make Scara set great again!
  5. Characters new design

    New dimensions incoming within the next year? 🤔
  6. The official newbie question thread!

    Ah alright, got it, thank you! I just swore I did all of those achieves already as my Enu's normally paired with my Cra and he had it already. I did the duo and got the acheve.
  7. The official newbie question thread!

    So i am working on my Enutrof/Cras achievements and getting them caught up to the rest of my teams achievement count. Now I have a level 200 osa on my Enutrofs account that I played for a long time. I am wondering if I am going to be stuck with this missing achieve or if there is anything I can do to complete the achievement without deleting my Osa. Ah and I don't care about the materials, I just want the completion xD
  8. Achievement Reminder

    Yeah statue gets me all the time, (Kimbo) wondering if I've failed it already. The option to see if you have failed achievements would be an awesome thing to see implemented!
  9. Dofus 2.45 Changelog

    Accumulation: Max effect accumulation is reduced: 2 -> 1 Lame, I was actually excited for Iop changes >.> It wasn't REALLY that overpowered either. not when you have Ecas hitting the same damage with lapping up from 12 range away and it reduces MP >.>
  10. Beaware, [Illusionist, Sonux]

    Damn, and to see a long time player fall for such a dumb ass trick too. That's crazy x.x Normally it's just some nobody I've never heard of or some random account with like 20 posts on it. But for it to be somebody I actually see around in game quite often, sucks to hear that bee
  11. Disconnection problems during kolo

    The only time I even have disconnection problems in KOLO is when I click that little red X and throw my mouse at the wall. I would clear my cache, then try again. If it continues, maybe reset your router.
  12. Is a team required to enjoy the game?

    I think Enu/Cra makes any team able to do pretty much anything. i ran Iop, Eni, Panda, Elio for a few years and after adding Cra?Enu to the team my dungeon runs have been made a LOT easier. making Enu full Int with 200MP reduction and making Cra omni/crit for pushback and BIG damage has made a huge difference.
  13. Merry IMPSMAS 2017!

    AAAAAnd the runner up issss! lol
  14. A case of the...

    Welcome back! It's always fun to get back into the game and see what has changed, it almost feels like a completely new game sometimes, have fun! o/
  15. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Yeah voldelor prices are expensive x.x