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  1. Dovahkiin

    Random Screenshots

    11590h = 482 days worth. x.x Crazy af. I thought my Battlefield 3, 4, & One total hour count was bad!
  2. Good work, greatly appreciated!
  3. Dovahkiin

    Breeding Mounts Changelog

    +1000vit, -2mp? Or +3000init, -500power? Or +2ap, -2000vit? xD
  4. Who is this imposter xD


  5. I would personally go with full Chance while starting out. With Paralyzing arrow stealing MP, big damage from Atonement arrow and life steal from Bats eye. You also have Slow down as a secondary AoE Dmg/AP reduction spell. Years ago I would have said full Intelligence because of the strength of Explosive Arrow and because of how large its AoE is, but it has changed and is only castable twice per turn, once per target. Then you also have other spells that are useful for Pushback/Damage combined, like Burning Arrow. So full Intel is also a viable build when starting out as a Cra. With variants, nearly any element build is a good choice for Cras.
  6. Dovahkiin

    Awesome Magings: A Collection!

    Depending on stats that are missing, yes. Otherwise they are mainly just to circumvent the hassle of maging an item back to base, freshly crafted stats.
  7. Dovahkiin

    8 Man Team Composition?

    Elio! xD Eca & Osa would be nice to add to that comp. I miss the old Osa buffs being AoE
  8. Dovahkiin

    Work is happiness / help required

    I have both on the same character, so i can also be one or the other, can help if I am online or if you can get a time situated /w Arleigh /w Dovahkiin
  9. Dovahkiin

    Breeding Revamp

    I don't think many people scroll by fighting Dopples, Bounties just give you doploons.
  10. Dovahkiin

    Random Screenshots

    But where kaliptus?
  11. Dovahkiin


    I got all excited to get online and level my omegas, thinking my muta/payo/dynamo variant would actually give 1000% exp bonus lol. Figured it wouldnt be true but was worth a shot. Great site for building idol combos though!
  12. Dovahkiin


    Also make sure that the message is legible, accurate and to the point. Provide all l info required and then some if you feel like it would help. I gave them a copy of my drivers license with the current address that is posted on my dofus accounts so there is no mix ups.
  13. Dovahkiin

    The official newbie question thread!

    Keep completing Bont alignment quests given by the guy you did the first 20 quests for. Then after another 20 have been completed, you'll have to do more Order quests for the order that you chose. You'll also get a larger ornament at that time.
  14. Dovahkiin


    Yeah, it used to be REALLY bad. I've waited a few weeks-one month in the past for something simple like forgetting my secret answer.
  15. Dovahkiin


    I actually had support answer me over night, I had reset my phone to factory settings and had lost my recovery code. Got my accounts reset and authenticator removed the next day on all 6 accounts no problem. They have really stepped up support, it isn't only Sato answering the 5,000 support tickets they get a day. Yes, there are a few bugs but nothing too major from what I have seen. Somethine simple like the Hel Munster set stats that have been in game for 6 years and still not fixed aren't THAT big of a deal. Sorry the hear about your vacuum woes! Hopefully it sucks a little more now.

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