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  1. I had a play around and made this. Apart from the fact it's probably very expensive, it seems like a pretty good set right? https://www.dofusplanner.com/B0Rsz/
  2. Hiya, Lvl 200 eni, any build (preferably support with enough damage to not just be a heal bot). I have no idea about any of the eni friendly sets nowadays! Preferably without the use of exomages for the time being, as my budget is medium sized.
  3. Just translating English quest names for people.
  4. Can anyone tell me where I can start Discordesque Breadache? Part of the Sufokon Together quest achievement.
  5. Thanks but this isn't helpful to me! :|
  6. Sorry for the late responses. The set looks nice but I don't shit money. I can't afford to exotic mage. Don't any sets leave me with a bonus 2mp? (I have a plum/emerald mount that I could use) I don't think I can give up 6mp (total). Is it really not possible?
  7. No luck. I'm told someone else has Iku but just hasn't logged into Echo yet. Well I hope they never do and I get the name back. Edit: A level 55 Pandawa? Really? Had this name for 8 years and I lose it to a level 55 pandawa with no guild or professions...
  8. Ankama replied to tell me my name was unavailable. They didn't give any clarification as to why, as the crown king worst customer service team ever... I don't understand this. I will use my name change potion tonight and try again.
  9. Please explain the use of the bearbaric ring!
  10. When I search the Dofus database for "Iku", no-one even has the name (or they're not subbed?). So I was very angry to find I was unable to claim my old name, "Iku" for myself when I returned to Dofus, but my partner Apex was able to get his, despite his being a more likely harder name to claim. Who has Iku and why are hogging my name!! I've even issued a ticket to Ankama about this. I checked for Iku again on Saturday and found it was still unavailable.
  11. Hello! I'm a slowly-approaching-200 agi/str sram with full fuji, godswrath daggers, broucey and ereclite ammy. I'm hoping to upgrade my gear as soon as possible. What would you recommend and why? Thanks :D
  12. If I'm in the country, sure :D
  13. added coz you were on shika in EQ and hung about with fyorl right? why teh quizzors? :,(

  15. Mum said being on the computer all day will give me cancer. herr.
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