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  1. I was one of the lucky people to snaffle some random items, thanks for the random charity! I hope where ever you go in life from here is great and filled with happiness and success. Best of luck bud! ^__^
  2. Well I made the mistake of subbing to banter with people at village and no one comes there/no one I know. In saying that it could also be people have different names and shit lol.
  3. Hi @Tezari drew the other piece for you so its a proper 8!!! you can stick it together and re enter it if you want!!
  4. not everyone live a life where they can afford to buy pen and paper >:(
  5. oml anyone else a little turned on by how T H I C C that 8 is? *blushes*
  6. Hi i hope this does not count as it is clearly from internet and that is unfair!!
  7. hi i hope digital also counts as i havent any paper,i am poor
  8. Omg this is best thing that has happened to me this year. How would I word this when adding it to my resume???? THE MOST IMPORTANT THING HERE IS THAT MEMES BROUGHT US TOGETHER THESE LAST COUPLE OF DAYS.
  9. Haha, If I had used my mighty KATANA to cut out that image, you would have been in absolute awe of the sheer amount of skill and precision that would have been clearly shown. But to use it for such a low quality meme would be a disgrace to the many years spent studying the blade, as well as a great dishonor to all the mighty Samurai Masters that came before me. I am not a weaboo, but someone who can understand and appreciate the superior blade that is known as "The Mighty Katana". You attempted to bamboozle me with your katana comment, but you are one hundred years too early to inf
  10. I figured this was harmless and also I went to the effort of cutting the head out and looking for the pictures etc and it took like a couple mins of my time so here we are. Godspeed Kiba, doing the lords work.
  11. Hey @Bart-simpson i fixed your meme for you, no need for thanks. xoxo
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