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  1. osas that look like you were alwyas monsters in pvp
  2. hey cool to see a familiar name. slowly getting the itch to play again
  3. Everyone's selling gear with AP this, MP that. Level 120 characters out here with 16 ap/10 mp. I don't remember other servers being like this. Also, how does Eratz stack up with Henual as far as English speakers go?
  4. this is surreal, a company that actively wants to destroy itself. luv the anti capitalistic spirit ankama but i would like to continue to play your game if possible
  5. another rollback! tip to anyone playing 1.29: they usually restore to the 4PM backup """Dofus standard time""", so never play after that, apparently. also: it's currently impossible to make a new character on either server. as garne said, this is unprecedented.
  6. in case anyone was wondering, ankama does not fuck around
  7. So what is going on with all the people who were on these servers before - have they just lost all support from Ankama? I can sort of wrap my head around why they would do that to all the new people coming in, since they don't really actually want them there, but it's totally bizarre to be doing that to people who have been there for years.
  8. What are the odds this server develops any sort of sizable playerbase (if it hasn't already)?
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