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  1. Bought skull from Marko, good service, great lad. Buy from him if you haven't already :)
  2. @Lanturn Not at all! If anything, it's profitable for anyone who watches the videos! <3 Here's a quick tease :D!
  3. let me join ur guild pls boss

  4. @hweh No idea who your talking to, but yes I did quit the game. I"m mainly on the game for the politics, exoing for fun (cos making money these days are piss easy), and trolling for fun. Mainly just playing the game for fun, nothing serious though bro. I thought about quitting, but I love everyone too much to do that! D: So you could say if life happens then I'll be inactive.
  5. @wot No. Wow its ren :D if your wondering, Teo is quite active on League of legends, she currently plays with another guy that I introduced her to, known the guy for about.... 10 years or so from another game. Anyways back on topic. It's true I am not a leader of TA, I'm just a noob who feels the need to set a direction for the server so getting the most worthy onto TA and having fun in the process is the most important to me. I feel community is very important, and at the moment, everyone is just power hungry, killing each others prisms, begging for alliances etc. But yes,
  6. True the core members of TA are legends, and have made their name. But thing is. I understand something not many on Dofus don't. And that's why TA will get big once again in a way you can't imagine just yet. Only time will tell :) Major love to you Bochi your clearly a smart guy with alot of passion for TA. So your always welcome back, the old members are still around, less so because of life but its still fun! <3 Just having fun!
  7. no I'm afraid, but I would like it to be all me sometimes, sadly its all about you and everyone else for now
  8. Update: Recruiting for lvl 200 guild, TEAM AMERICA, FREE perc rights 500pp, FREE invite rights, ANY rank you want, ANY level you want, ALL professions lvl 200 FREE at your service, JUST whisper hyun-ae once your in the guild!
  9. proud to have exo'd a shield for a legend like you :D
  10. Pop me a message in game on one of my 18 or so characters. Mainly Hyun-Ae though! Or add me on facebook and let me know your IGN for an add in game! or even pop me a msg on impsvillage! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007682716031
  11. Left TA because of corrupt leadership. Bilbo the leader aka tits is corrupt. Greedy. Devious. Power hungry animal. 1.Greedy? I invite 100 people in 3 days into the guild of a quality state. He rarely plays and logs on to horde on the credit. 2. Power hungry? After inviting 100 members into the guild, he then proceeds to make moves without any sort of democratic vote, or even discuss with me as to why we should join an alliance. 3. Devious? After realising I made TA alive again, and I could easily destroy it, he then proceeds to remove all my rights, as well as anyone el
  12. safe bro! it's not as bad as I thought with magical orbs!
  13. take care buddy! my interactions with you have always been mature and positive! add me on facebook and lets make it less so! no idea if im allowed to link, but lets see https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007682716031 Keep in touch buddy! your only in sweden afterall :)
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