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  1. Just started up again on Touch but can’t figure out how to make money aside from killing things. What’s the best way to earn some kamas early on for a starter set? On dodge server. Thanks!
  2. Decided to give the Touch version a shot and it’s been pretty fun. Not as many changes like the PC version, which is great honestly. Does anyone have a guild on Dodge?
  3. Leave days running out. I don't wanna leave home! No more lazy days for me ;~;
  4. Florida's weather. It fckn sucks! Only 2 more weeks though! Can't wait to go back home to that Cali weather! B)
  5. Finally getting out of bootcamp &reconnecting with the world! I'm free! ><
  6. Good thing I use imps on mobile, didn't notice a difference except it not being available for a few hours
  7. It's gonna be a piece of cake bro haha
  8. Going to the US naval bootcamp for a couple of months, gonna give dofus another try once I get back Most people dont know me or remember me but Peace :D
  9. Making sure that you stay inside the lines :B
  10. Played the game at friends house, I'm glad I didn't buy it. It's $60 for an expansion pack. I actually enjoyed black ops, seemed more balanced than mw2, but that's just me:p
  11. It's gotten hella complicated now .-.
  12. It kinda looks like his jaw is broken a bit or as if he's opening his mouth really big lol
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