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Everything posted by bobeur

  1. bobeur

    omg qued legit quitting???

    ok bye
  2. bobeur

    Under The Edge

    Yeah I'd say for a solo account a cra is much mroe comfy to play at first. I think sac starts getting good at like 12x Edit: agi sac that is, cha sac with dissolution is pretty neat too
  3. Yeah ok F2 is pretty bad. Maybe post in the what-gear-should-I-use-thread what chars you have, how much kamas/time you have, what you wanna do etc. so people can get an idea of what you'd need. Edit: Inky is still meta though !!1
  4. F3 gear is best gear
  5. bobeur

    Kwismas Spirit

    I would reallyeally really really really really really really really really love to help but unfortunately I don't feel like it.
  6. bobeur

    Get set for the Game of Crowns!

    I know Nidas drops 20, the rest doesn't matter anyway hah
  7. bobeur

    Your funniest Dofus moments

    I'll crack u up
  8. bobeur

    [Closed] B> Pure & Breedable DTs !

    try ask Toppy, I think he's purifying all
  9. bobeur

    Selling Nuggets. [SOLD]

    I'll have you know theres a merch with 190k nugget for 320k ea at -1
  10. bobeur

    Post your goals and achievements

    jumping on the eternal champion bandwagon aha
  11. bobeur

    This gets on my tits

    But the only reason to take mp is swap boss? You don't really _need_ mp red since you can just run around
  12. bobeur

    This gets on my tits

    omg panda can take ap mp with breath variant !!!
  13. bobeur

    KillerSpirituel​​​​​​​ - Echo

    I still have all my stuff though lol >_<
  14. bobeur


    You can't prove that in a court of law
  15. bobeur

    Post your goals and achievements

    yes bc cra is a really difficult class to play >_<
  16. bobeur

    Advent Calendar 2018!

    What? That's not what 3 dots imply... If you knew to read a joke aka "my post" you'd know that "my post" means "What a terrible reward nobody cares about and never would have probably been better than late." . Bohemia more like cerebral ischemia amirite
  17. bobeur

    Advent Calendar 2018!

    with a reward like that I would disagree lmao
  18. bobeur

    Selling Vulbis

    lol must've typo'd his name >__<
  19. bobeur

    Lock transfer

    I'm fairly certain this has also been suggested officially already but Ankama ignored it.
  20. bobeur

    Ladies, I'm single

    Town Square is pretty much the kitchen of Impsvillage
  21. bobeur


    fuck I kise nibet
  22. bobeur

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    lol mono cra in CURRENT_YEAR