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  1. bobeur

    Post your goals and achievements

    can someone lend me a vulbis for video please thanks
  2. bobeur

    Dofus 1.29 Starter Pack

    Here's the official response from Ankama.
  3. bobeur

    How long does Dofus have left?

    What? Literally none of that rant is relevant to his point. (Also, using dregg hat in PvM lmao) Pebbles in recipes is fine imo, they're cheap and everyone can get them. It's really nothing in comparison to 90+ mats that are like 50kk ea for certain items, so still complaining about this makes little sense to me. No and no. The game is dying because people that have been long time players are losing interest, and Ankama doesn't seem able to haul in enough new players to counter that. I think the game itself isn't dying, it's just the international community. I don't complain because I simply don't care enough, but if you try to deny it it's because you're either blind or just stupid. Seeing you argue people complain because they suck, it's most likely the latter. It really isn't weird that for many, after 10 years of playing they start to lose interest and develop an actual life where there is no time or place for Dofus anymore. Trust me, at some point you will too lose interest to log on just to perform some tedious and repetitive tasks to keep your p2p or farm a new item you want. I HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A 6 YEAR OLD AND AM FAR TOO POMPOUS TO READ THAT, BUT FEEL FULLY QUALIFIED TO COMMENT ANYWAY EVEN THOUGH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL THIS IS REALLY ABOUT. HERE IS MY RESPONSE THAT WILL NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THE THREAD. the game is too old and messed up, ankama can't easily fix it without taking a huge amount of time to undo some of their terrible design choices
  4. Toxines triggers at the end of the Targets turn, I have no idea what the damage increase is because it isn't documented anywhere afaik. Found this on dofusbook:
  5. bobeur

    Dofus again?

    I'd aim for a 4 man team, since 8 man teams are no longer meta and end game content (dungeons) seems to be designed for 4 man teams. Most quest fights are solo these days, and if you really need you can bring a friend or use sidekicks. If you put up kamas offers you'll get ogrines cheaper, and if you only need 4 accounts it's not that bad. Another option is Ily, like Balu mentioned. You'd have to restart from scratch, but as it's a mono-account server you'll easily find groups to help you out with. I think it's mostly french population though, but can't really tell since I quit playing there quite a while back.
  6. I've heard getting good is the solution
  7. bobeur

    B> Vulbis dofus

    remind me again which mp trophy beats a vulbis because I can't find it aha
  8. bobeur

    Trade rhinos

    Sure sounds good, I'll hit you up later
  9. bobeur

    Trade rhinos

    I'm still looking to trade, I especially have lots of crims I wanna get rid of aha
  10. bobeur

    Best idol meta

  11. bobeur

    b> ivoire 33m

    shits cheap on ily
  12. bobeur

    The Mean Ol'Witch of the East [BUG?]

    Do you have other dofus quests blocking it maybe?
  13. bobeur

    Trade rhinos

    mamadou pls go
  14. bobeur

    Trade rhinos

    henlo friends I'm looking to trade some of my offspring to prevent genetic collisions. I have 1 and 2nd gens to trade. Hit me up if you're interested, thanks.