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  1. If I recall you had a flash version for 1.29 that removed the scroll bug (or did you modify the client?). Was it a 32 bit flash version? If not do you still have it somewhere? I'm playing on a private server but after upgrading to Mac OS Catalina I had to reinstall Flash (using like retro), and with that the scrollbug came back. Any ideas?
  2. Friend why would I lie on the internet?? Also: No
  3. The problem with teaming up with randoms is the different play styles, which in turn makes it even more difficult to beat dungeons with "any" group composition. Unless you're a "synchronised" team I completely disagree with it being viable. Teaming up with terrible randoms (which is like at least 80% of players) while solo playing is the absolute worst. Of course I have the same memories, trying to recruit an SO team and when you're finally complete it's 3am and 2 others fell asleep meanwhile. But like Scour said, those times are over and I can't (and don't want to) stay awake the entire night for a dungeon run, no matter the fun involved.
  4. I think mono accounting on 1.29 will be torture, since the game is 420 times slower than the current game. Depending on other players can be a real pain, especially if you're in awkward timezones. And there's the team composition, often specific classes are very much needed but nowhere to be found. A limit of 2-4 chars per player makes more sense to me. That way you can still farm stuff more easily, but also have to team up for the harder content and/or dungeons.
  5. I just took the last 2009 edit and copied that. Images you have to upload manually, wherever you get them from.
  6. The dreggon areas don't have any quests associated with them afaik, so there's nothing to do over.
  7. Honestly I don't think a marketing team can do much about it. It's just extremely difficult with the playerbase they have to attract enough new players to make low and mid level content relevant again. You can see in the updates the last couple of years that 95% of development is done towards end game content. New people try to grind or leech to 200 to compete, losing interest along the way. Very few play the game as it was probably meant to be. Another thing is the fact that many of the people that used to play during the "golden age" of Dofus simply got old, and quit for an array of reasons, most of them being boredom and real life stuff. Well, there's literally no need to grind anymore these days. Kamas is worthless, items are worthless (unless you pvp maybe), and I can clear any content in my 2013 sets. I rush new content for the achievements and then log off again. Events just reward some more cosmetics or a balloon, nothing interesting. All the new cosmetic stuff is in theory a fun concept, but imo it's already worn out. What do I want 200 different shields for? Nobody changes looks that often or needs that many cosmetics, they only clutter my inventory. I started in 2006, and I think 10+ years of Dofus is just too much for most of us.
  8. I prefer the default theme
  9. Yeah Dofus isn't dying, it's already dead l0l.
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