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  1. RIP I randomly replied to your Henual guild recruitment topic like 20 minutes ago just to find this post right after.. GL&HF in RL
  2. Heya! Are you guys still around? Id like to join the guild if possible.
  3. I think it is just the weekly scheduled maintenance but I could be wrong.
  4. Is exactly the reason why I always shake my head in disagreement at the comments that say 1.29 is just a free bonus for 2.x players when the reality is that 95% of the players playing on Eratz are playing only 1.29 and they have been for years.
  5. If it was free there would be no complaints but since it is a paid service it would have been nice if it worked properly, dont you think?
  6. I think it already did build a sizable playerbase. I just find it kind of funny that there are many even amateur organizations that can succeed in bringing people a working game server ( see WoW Nostalrius project that had like 20 000 - 30 000 concurrent users at peaks ) for free while Ankama cant even make a server work without problems when they claim it is only half-full and it is a monthly paid service.
  7. I think the number of players playing on Eratz right now is so high it might be breaking some old all-time records.
  8. Hm, just your typical forum topic where all the kids that dont care about 1.29 go and leave smug comments about the game version while not realising it is just their personal taste and just because they like something some way doesnt mean everyone else should also like it. Some people will drive a 67 Chevy over the new ones everyday and anyday. You posting here bashing 1.29 and saying 2.0 is better is like passing by the 67 Chevy owners house everyday telling him how your new Chevrolet has usb port in it and how great your new automatic transmission is. And yeah, some not so bright or easily o
  9. Ok, I will move to Eratz then. I pretty much wanted to play there but randomly picked the server and ended up on Henual instead :D I will try to contact you in-game.
  10. I am on Henual actually, the server name only shows in the spanish client. Meet you there if you want to play the good old Dofus!
  11. Let me know when you are online. I will try to add you to friend list. If it wont work I am probably on the other server. I just picked the first server in the list and I dont know the name since the name was something --ERROR-XXXX or whatever.
  12. I started to play on the first server in the list so whisper me here with your ingame name and we can do something together. Even if you just started - im like lvl 15 we can run Incarnam dungeon or something :D
  13. Yeah, me too. Thats why I am trying to get back on it. :) So I got it working finally yesterday but dont have the time play at the moment. I believe there is quite a lot of english speaking people on Eratz and also french speaking - considering Youtube is full of french Eratz streamers. I didnt really get into the subscribtions yet but I believe Ive read something about the ability to p2p there with your 2.0 account kamas/ogrines. It was in french so I am not really sure I got it right, but its 100% possible as all these french streamers are like high levels which would be impossible without g
  14. Would anyone be so kind and drop a step-by-step tutorial on how to get onto this server? Like what VPN to get, how to create Ankama account and get the old dofus launcher (or not, not sure how that works).. I tried to use flyVPN and downloaded the game but it turns out its the newest version and the official website wouldnt let me create an account. I dont know, maybe the IP was banned or whatever...
  15. I am seriously interested in playing on this server although I dont understand why doesnt Ankama just throw out one international 1.29 server eventually with some bonus protection against multi-accounting. My opinion stands still that if people werent able to play multiple accounts at the same time - this game would have been like one of the biggest MMO games ever, easily top 3 or top 5 in player count. Like what can they lose at this point? The game is slowly dying... On the other hand I understand it might be a little awkward for them when the day they release this server it is already goin
  16. Just strolling around and then...
  17. Great job, Rushu! All of you performed well and I cant wait to see the knock-out rounds. Analyze, prepare and win!
  18. Is there someone who streams Rushu matches? I find it so awkward that this is the only somewhat interesting event in Dofus and majority of people dont even get to see their teams competing...
  19. Wow, if the ability to buy in-game currency with real money isnt a pay to win scheme at its worst, then just like you stated, I have no idea what pay to win is. Kamas = everything. In theory, you can start over at level 1, just buy ogrines for money, get kamas, buy souls, let random people in arena leech you, then you buy whatever gear/scrolls you want and in a single month you can be where others are, except, it took them a couple of years to get there, because they actually played the game. Sorry, I just dont understand your logic.
  20. I know exactly what is the creator of this topic talking about and it is something the newer players cant understand. It is how different the gameplay was and the experience you had playing the game. Sadly, there is nothing we can do about it now. Dofus turned into a pay to win game at some point and the once amazing MMO with unique gritty graphics and great soundtrack and idea behind it became nothing but a milking cow for the company.
  21. Well, at least you made some pathetic french kid happy.
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