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  1. B > ice dofus

    Cloudy bought 60mk Still need ice
  2. B > ice dofus

    Ice 24m Messege Rokitura in game
  3. B> 440 vit souleater pet

    Come up off your vit pet peeps.
  4. Post your Guts

    I live with the one range only because Tortuga was only thing that effects us. Masq stays nearby anyway for other shields, so it wasn't really a game changer for us. Init is only thing that really bothers me, but can't have it all.
  5. Don't have anything to go off of cost wise, but 5mkish? I dunno.
  6. Post your Guts

    I helped widow throw the set together because i prefer max vit on masq without sacrificing obvious stats. We managed to reach that goal while still making him useful. You can compare the usefulness of a full vit masq with a pure support vulnbot panda, and even then it's pulled off more usefulness. Slightly situational, but we pulled off 5k dmg to a Mol usk the other day. It has its place. As a matter of fact, 7k was just a submission to the make a wish foundation, but widow worked his butt off and found a way to make it happen. Kudos...
  7. Count 300

    Looking for tips on which idols to use . The ones I saw from searches were under old scoring system and don't reach 300 anymore .
  8. I played for about 6 months back in 2009, and wanted to dabble a bit. As far as subscription is concerned, are tokens similar to ogrines? If so, Dofus economy makes it easy to sub for kamas. Would I have a hard time buying these tokens with gold? I believe one month sub is about 38k gold.
  9. S> AP missiz freez boots 30mk

    Just relogged. Still shows HP, but checked stats and it's obviously init. ah ok, I didn't realize that.
  10. S> AP missiz freez boots 30mk

    Oh yea, that's weird. I didn't even realize it. Odd thing is, it says HP on the boots. Will prob go away after relog though, huh.
  11. 1 AP 339 Vit 55 Str 27 Int 26 Cha 43 Wis 1 MP 1 Range 8 Neu Dmg 9 Earth Dmg 8 Fire Dmg 9 Wat Dmg -222 HP 5 AP Loss Res 11 Neu Res 11 Wat Res Find me ingame on Rokitura, 30mk OBO.
  12. Bye.

    So long. Thanks for all the help in the past.
  13. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Anyone got any ideas on boosting raw dmg from new gear? I'm currently running the below. https://www.dofusplanner.com/zB7bf/
  14. Paying 20-25mk, contact me.
  15. B> Razorbuck

    Paying 18 to 25mk, contact me.