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  1. I'm back from a long break and looking to jump right into end game content. Unfortunately, I'm restarting with very minimal gear. I need some advice to farm quick, usable set for iop so I can so I can work on regearing. Advice for all classes is welcome, but it's the iop which is not usable atm. Class: iop Build: anything, I have to learn all the spells anyway Kamas: very little, need to farm mats Level: 200 Current gear Rogue: 11/6 agi/cha crit set Panda: 12/6 vit/res no dmg set Eni: cheap 11/6 int set Iop: random 9/4 agi/cha/int set Thanks guys!
  2. Hello familiar faces! I would be interested in this if it came ~3 months later. I've only been active again on Dofus for a couple weeks, and it's been a bummer seeing the low activity level here.
  3. Hey, I'm the l special one here!
  4. Yea, youb. That sounds pretty awesome!
  5. Maybe I have converted into a new gen player, lol. For what it's worth, I've been around for quite a long time. I've been played through both modes.
  6. Yea, I logged into retro for a few minutes. It looks so ancient now compared to echo. It's also post feca nerf changes, so I didn't see the allure in it. My original character is still on echo, so figured I'd relearn the classes and get back to achievement farming. So much content to catch up on. If anyone still playing in echo though, hit me up.
  7. Hey guys! Youb, you still playing?
  8. I decided to sub and mess around. Anyone I know still fumbling around? I'm on Echo now.
  9. Yes, a very long time ago.
  10. Cloudy bought 60mk Still need ice
  11. Ice 24m Messege Rokitura in game
  12. I live with the one range only because Tortuga was only thing that effects us. Masq stays nearby anyway for other shields, so it wasn't really a game changer for us. Init is only thing that really bothers me, but can't have it all.
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