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  1. This is honestly where I want to get in the game. Because it's like... That's all I want to do, enjoy a nice tactics mmo, with other people. But that's not what the game wants. It wants me to run around talking to NPCs and reading ridiculous conversations with NPCs with "options" in chat (that don't affect anything, they either cancel the conversation or lead to the same response). Quests aren't their strong suit, go back to PvM. Even on the solo server seems like its hard to find groups (and not just for me at low level). Not sure if 90% of the english speakers are in Europe or wh
  2. Wakfu 2 here we come? but yeah it's definitely weird. I mean you dont even have to kill the game to work on a new one. Just stop updating and ride the wave until it crashes while you utilise resources elsewhere.
  3. I'm on my phone with 4% battery so I'll be brief. First off can I just say this is the most chat I've seen in the past 2 weeks I've been scouting the forum XD. For those agreeing with my points or at least some thanks. Because I thought I was gonna be slammed by everyone and told I'm just a noob doing everything wrong. As for disagreements...I will admit some of my post may be ignorant (like saying idols are good) I have only just seen what they can do and it seemed like a nice way to boost difficulty.... which is great in a tactics game. Did they ruin the economy and
  4. After coming back to the game I see a few really nice changes, and a lot.... of not nice ones. Although some were in place before I left and I'd merely forgotten how horrendous they were. I almost want to make a video pointing out all of the glaring issues, but I don't think the ears are on or we would have never gotten this far down the rabbit hole. I do like the game, but the decline in players ( we all know what server merges mean ) is blatantly obvious (wiki is outdated on many things, even IV is just a shell of itself, past the top 4-5 posts, everything is from years ago), also they liter
  5. Ogrines are account wide or server wide? If I'm playing on the single account server, should I sell my stuff on echo to buy ogrines since its useless to me? I mean it makes sense that they would be account wide, but then couldn't people just do that to instantly be the richest person on a new server? xD
  6. Haha I've thoroughly read your 1.29 posts in the other thread. But honestly 1.29 was a low point for my dofus career. I was never able to flourish. I ran 1 acc and grinded slowly for levels. I also rather enjoy 2.x gfx and dungeons. But yeah. I was never good at making money. I basically would just spam out dungeons and sell souls or mats, or make the equipment if it was worth it and sell that. So I mean it makes sense for me to struggle economy wise since I dont offer hard to get things. But it's just like.... dang 28 bucks a month or 260 a year (up front and no livinitems anymore
  7. Hi. Gonna hijack this post. Been feeling the itch for dofus again. But my main issue is the price for a non solo player. I dont really want tips on making money. But is the economy still ridiculously hard to thrive in? I never made money for exos or anything. But I just want to find a way to reduce my monthly bill and I can't play 24/7 like the game is a full time job when I have 2 jobs and a life. Obviously an initial payment would be needed but after that am i doomed without being one of the rich exos all day kind of person? After checking in-game, seems the going rate is around
  8. VcentG

    Moving Maps.

    AHK is the best. (Like literally, after checking every software/method people suggest, they all have weird downsides. AHK's "downside" is getting the correct scripts which are readily available.) And if you have a gaming mouse, you don't even have to use your keyboard to switch windows :) So there's that as well. You can literally play 8 accounts 1 handed.
  9. PvP aside, where do these classes REALLY fit into the PvM world. I literally just created one, read all the spells and killed a few things with portals and logged off. So I'm not really sure. But do they fill the healing / damage role to a degree that they could be simply dedicated to it? Mainly interested in healing but I'm not 100% sure because of the portal state requirement. Or is it just another class that can do a few things but just not quite good enough? Either way they seem fun, if only because it's something new. #videomontageofportalplays
  10. Well the first thing you need to do if you want to be successful at pvp is know how each class works. Each class only has so many spells accessible to them so learning them isn't hard. But if you don't know that a sacrier can pull you or that a sadida can soothe you, you're going to have a bad time. I would suggest just taking a quick look at the wiki at each class and look at any spell you don't know. Every spell falls into a basic category of how it works, so it's not that hard. A) The effect/damage(-AP, -MP, -HP, States, -Resistances) it does, B) The angle (linear, diagonal, circle, cone,
  11. Remember when we used to do rats and just cast poisons + Sylvan. Those were the days :^]
  12. ? What koda posted was why he didn't add a vit build to the guide. What nume asked was why would you go vit when you get huge resistances from boozer and have those sexy soft caps on all stats (aka increasing damage of spells). To which I say, because most people that use pandas in pvm just seem to vuln spam / map manipulate every turn. -_- Unless they're a solo panda. But either way, if your panda is rarely attacking, why not be some tanky thing so you can be more aggressive / safe at the same time. Only pandas I really see attacking are people that solo/duo account or have multiple pandas
  13. Basically no matter what form of pvp you choose to do. You're either top knotch or going to get spanked, at least on main servers because some people are just so far ahead with their kamas they have anything they need for any scenario and those are the people constantly pvping. Attacking / Defending percs usually is pretty lame. Even if you do it in a group it's either vs a bunch of crazy pvpers or just a few scrubs that weren't busy at the time. There's rarely a middle ground where it was like "Wow nice fight" it's either "WTF they're op" or "Why did they even bother defending." Dunno about
  14. That depends on what they're doing. Because if by doing so preventing people from doing anything else inside the maze, then I'd say it qualifies.
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