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  1. has anyone played it on comp as well as ps3/360? getting a new laptop (would it run on one?) and ill get a ps3 at some stage but is there really any difference in what platform you get it on?
  2. I thought it was "2 + 2 is... 2 + 2 is.. equals 5!" Some of them are so cute :lol:
  3. Thats not what I'm saying at all, I was saying that its inevitable that people will be exploited and it happens everywhere. My point is your having a cry over college football players not earning enough and being exploited, people everywhere are exploited, so why not defend them? Yeah these guys are 'finely tuned athletic machines' but if need be they could find huge amounts of people willing to play college football, some of them would be good enough and sure some of the freakish players will be missed but people will still attend games. Besides these college athletes already reap the rewards as has been pointed out in this thread. If they choose a shit course with a shit qualification at the end its not the uni's fault, they should have taken the opportunity more wisely. Moreover playing college football (and being a freak at it) generally isnt about trying to earn while you're at college, its about potentially joining the NFL and earning the huge bucks (first round draft picks in their first year get more than the best AFL players here). These guys are just greedy wankers, sure the board or whoever is probably making bucketloads of money from it, but for the players it should be about playing the game they love and hopefully turning pro.
  4. hauhauhuahuhauhauhuahuahuhauhahahuhauhauhahuhauhauhuahuahuhauhauhau

  5. Considering the money they make, Coca-Cola's factory employee's share is sickeningly low. And wait, so this doesnt happen in loads of jobs all around the world? awww shit, I never realised the big guy doesn't exploit the little guy, all this time I thought it was equal! My bad!
  6. What is the max %res you could put on a gelano?
  7. neigh :P just betting rage, multi didnt fall through either :(
  8. FUCKING HORSES! Was going to punt on the ponies in the Melbourne Cup friend asked who i was betting on this morning, said Dunaden and Niwot couldnt be fucked going to the TAB to lay my bet Dunaden fucking wins paying $6.50 ALL MY RAGE picked the winner last year too, Americain, but my friend didnt put the bet on for me! (wasnt 18 then so i couldnt do it) why didnt i just take 20 minutes to go and put the bet down whyyy!!!!!???? guh fml better pick the winner next year <_< edit: general betting rage too i guess and $6.50 were shortest odds i saw for dunaden
  9. NCAA players getting paid (legally, no doubt some get paid under the table) is bullshit. Not only do they get to play the game they love infront of thousands of people, they get a free ride through college to a degree, exposure to proffesional sports organisations, potential fame and in most NCAA div I colleges incredible facilities to work with/in +probably get loads of bitches :P Hell, I'm not even from America and I'd love to play college football even if I had to pay to do it (granted I was skilled enough), these guys just dont realise how lucky they are. Assuming college tuition costs around the same as here they should be getting ~$18,000+ free tuition, essentially pay, and they can still have a job ontop of this so it's not as if theyre struggling to survive, they're just being greedy wankers.
  10. who the fuck are you?

  11. sorry if wrong thread but didnt know where to put this. Just started eternal harvest and was hoping anyone had a downloadable spreadsheet or something similar with each of the arch's you need and what monster they are. Eg. STEP 20 Piwilde the Bossie (Red Piwi) looked up eternal harvest on search but didnt find anything like this thanks
  12. Dudewhat? I rate crackler waaaaay higher than boar and tofu I dont like boar so I'd delevel it, raise buffs like toad, bear cry, nat defence etc
  13. Royal Mastogob is easy, you'd have to pick up other players to be able to do it, a sac/eni would probably be most helpful for last room for you guys due to your level It's cap is 818-958 so you'd have to get a full team of characters around your cra and srams level, or pick up some 160+ chars and bring your lower characters (depending on how good the other team members are) But yeah I like the dungeon, for me (and id say most people) its really easy, really quick and mindless work. I like pandas and sacs in dungeons cause they can positon things so well, and cause pandas are insane. I'd go a strength panda (cause I love str chars) but a panda isn't necessary for any dungeons at your level I think, but people like them so I'm sure it would get taken to lots of dungeons for some quick leveling (when its higher). You could potentially make it int or agi while you grind black rat then reset it to something else later if you want aswell. Theyre nice for pvp too :D
  14. Sorry for bumping this back up but could a 17x str eca solo here too? ATM I'm just grinding Mastogob with other dungeons thrown in, so when not doing dungs/proffs solo exp would be pretty nice Also would it be alright exp for a 199 str/int cra with a wis leech sram here? Thanks for any help, never tried soloing prim cem
  15. Im on shika if you need any help getting that shit /w Noxide Dreggons would be easier than fouxs IMO but I dont think either would be as good as grass plains for you (harder and I think exp/time ratio isn't as good), that being said its been a while since I was that level I'd avoid big groups of those Kilibriss when fighting stuff on grass plains though as they can be a pain/make you die Brakmar Rat Dungeon is weak to int and agi so thats a good option Bring some friends though as cap is 532-776 (prefferably int or agi ones!) Just watch out for the spells which instant kill when you heal an ally Black Rat Edit: links and such
  16. 2 grand is probably my last few years :(
  17. So after the EULA changes come in can I just send them a letter then file a class action lawsuit? edit: if there was reason to
  18. Favourite ever has to be Bas Rutten, beast as. for those who havent seen, also skip to 2:05 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQVaTEPOsTA&feature=related
  19. man, i love you also was getting haircut so friend shaved one side at school (maybe you can see the 2 bald/shorter spots he left) maybe ill get a pic of the new cut do i win filthiest mullet?
  20. men, its better than egg and cress! i logged on!!!!!

  21. Man I didnt even think of that, did this since they hadn't replied to my ticket and I really wanted to play haha. Thanks so much! Thanks so much aswell Cajun-Kun, you guys are legends
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