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  1. BillFR is the one responsisble for the servers and are usualy the one that first posts info about things happening. Though still no info on Twitter about it. And yea typing /ping in chat may help if you are stuck in the lag. About any rollback for EN servers, that I don't know anything about at this point, guess we have to wait and see.
  2. [FYI] Moderator Help for Player-Run Events

    The links here are out of date. Dofus forum have changed. Contact a GM for assistance with an event The MOD-team Contact a MOD on forum (it's now the same for all servers, since UK forum is closed and Shika have it's own section on EN forum) Contact a MOD on IRC - we have 'office hours', we are then loged in to the chat room and availabe to help and answer questions.
  3. 2.4 changelog!

    There is some players stuck up in Incarnam. So a patch to fix that is installed now.
  4. Intrusion on database servers

    There are other ways to get a picture of an ID. Web cam, digital camera or even a cellphone camera if it's good. Support has to be able to read the text, but how the picture is taken doesn't matter.
  5. Haven't Played for close to 2 years

    I think thats a matter of the amount of information needed to be stored for every sold house and paddock in the game. It would just be to much information to keep. 6 months is a very long time for a house to stay with an owner that doesn't log on at all //Zoothia
  6. Izmar my dear boss! You are doing a great work <3

  7. Izmar my dear boss! You are doing a great work <3

  8. Bots -_-

    Would like to add one link. Mod office is open for more serious issues, that might take some time to solve. There is an IRC chat where players and MOD's hang out alot, and where you can report 'easy-to-fix' things. There might be some times when a MOD can't log on right away, but alot of times we can. Also there are almost always 'old players' online that can help with common questions. So if you are up for a chat, or as a question, check out : IRC chat
  9. Welcome! @}--;--;------