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  1. TwF

    I'm playing again.


    Come back pls

  2. Thought I'd give it a go, hadn't tried a duo in since the cc nerf, went really well. :) And I got the 2 water to prove it!
  3. Yeasty


    :( What about our dream guild Yeasty Muffs? >_>
  4. TwF

    I need my Croum back.

  5. TwF

    Need you to run Schultz through Koolich for Duo.


  6. Yea, I'll start the grind on that one soonish. Been obsessing like a madman over CB duo the last few days, bout ready to give up. I can kill it with sadi/panda but that turn limit is harsh, closest I've got within the turn limit he still had 4k hp, would need another 2 turns of damage pretty much. Seems like 10ap panda won't cut it for this one, will revisit it when I upgrade his gear.
  7. Well it is random if you allow it to be, instead I would go after N as soon as gobshell blew up second turn, assuring he always revived it. Makes the fight easier imo, distract stabba and bomma with summons and attempt to take down N as soon as possible. I tend to fight it this way if I'm in a smallish group, allows everyone to damage instead of someone having to kill the revived summon and missing out on vital damage on N. Grats Ala, I'm in the same boat on that, got that blasted arachnid last week but only at 307/1000...just seems like such a pain haha.
  8. Sounds like a fun change, the class you use will actually matter. Currently any well equipped character can pull 3k+ damage a turn with cc in an aoe, often times healing themselves at least 500 in the process, which is obviously not the way the game should work. If I was a dev I'd have serious problems with this too, you create all these spells and people only use them when the monsters are out of range. Change makes sense, and I'm all for being able to use different weapons on the fly without massive spell point investment. People will adapt, clearly not the end of the world as some people make it out to be. On a different note, no crit fails and universal weapon skill just made cursed blord sword and scythe look mighty good to me. Whip out those 3ap cawwots as a bonus. :)
  9. Gotta get the thread back on track, I'm amazed at this one, went from first few tries of no way I can do it, to some progress, to finally beating it. Took ~15 tries, I really shoulda brought an erosion class to make it easier on myself haha. Sadi and Panda.
  10. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Slowly chuggin through these achievements, was stoked to get this one on my first attempt. Funny when bworker took ~10 tries haha.
  11. Is it just me or does Sylargh the Builder Imp seem like a new low level boss? He has that doofy vibe most of the level 50-100ish bosses have. Heh well nice to see the new bosses anyhow, seems like this thing might actually happen. x.x
  12. Yea I buy the resources as well, have my own handyman, why bother paying double for already finished machines. But I use dragonpig butts, royal tofu patters, and dark bamboo slappers/throwers, as anything past that doesn't seem worth the added price or wood most of the time.
  13. It would seem that Ankama is trying to weaken the Goultarminator 'Captain' classes with this update. Big changes to Sac, eni and osa, with promised changes to Xelors and Fecas(not a captain last year) sometime in the future. Perhaps they're thinking about doing Goult this year with kollisium rules this year, certainly hope not, but could very well be on their agenda. Just somethin' to think about.
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