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  1. Glad you are enjoying it. I played Touch for quite a while and really enjoyed it. I played on Grandapan though so can't help with the guild situation. Try using the Recruitment chat and i'm sure you'l find a good one.
  2. Class: Feca 200Build: MultiKamas/time available: 40mk. Time to earn more money to put towardsExtra comments I am looking for a good all round balanced build that will let me tackle the majority of content. I will be playing solo the majority of the time, questing/achievement hunting. I am working on the Dofus quests and do not have money for exo'sPvP or PvM oriented: PvM Something similar to what this guy posted for a multi build. However I can't currently afford exo's or an Inky. https://www.dofus.com/fr/forum/1063-feca/2284761-cour-edition-build-feca-200-tank-heal-eau-multi-pvm?page=1 Thanks
  3. Welcome back. I’m currently on a break but spent the last day or so lurking IV and the forums. I don’t really have time to come back but i’m curious. A lot has changed since you left. I can only say the game has got better, but whether you’ll have as much fun is up for debate. I came back on Echo for a bit, as well as playing DOFUS Touch. I played mono account (Ilyzaelle) for a while last year which was a lot of fun. I’d suggest if you were starting new and only playing on one account mono is well worth a look. If you plan to multi then Echo is the place to be. My advice would be to enjoy the game and all the content. Quests and achievements etc as it really makes the game more fun.
  4. Hi guys, I'm potentially looking at a job in Cyber Security. I have no background in Cyber Security, or IT/computers in general. My only real IT experience is day to day use and playing games. I am leaving the armed forces and have a chance to do a Cyber Security course. It sounds interesting but I'm not sure what it entails and if its something I would enjoy. Does anyone know much about this field or have any insight they could give? I've read that its an ever growing industry with plenty of jobs. In doing these courses I would be qualified to get a job, but would i need a degree in this field to make some real money? Doing a degree would be a possibility. Any information would be great. Thanks Balu
  5. Welcome back, looking at your sig and seeing you have elements scrolled in there brings back the old days.
  6. Balu


    Hey Germy, Ruby is an English speaking guild within the only English speaking alliance, Unity. Try catch me in game and i can throw you an invite. We're an active bunch always helping each other out. We have all levels online at once too so there should always be someone to team up with. There are a few other active guilds within the alliance too which might be worth checking out, but Ruby is certainly a great place to call home.
  7. Thanks, the resi's are certainly an improvement. I wouldn't be able to afford that pet, but it certainly gave me some ideas (I like that bow). Although it only has 2 summons. I'll use it and have a play around, thanks!
  8. Class: EnuBuild: Str/IntKamas/time available: 25mk. Plenty of time, but i'll probably be buying the equip.Current team: Solo (Ilyzaelle)Lvl range: 200Extra comments: I currently have no eggs, however i'm working on Crimson/Emerald/Turq. Exo's/Orche are out of my budget. So are the really expensive items such as Rhineelte equip and mounts. I'd like a well balanced PvM set that will help me with end game content and the hunt for some shiny eggs. Not after a MP red build. PvP or PvM oriented: PvM Here are two sets I have come up with. I prefer the first set, al thought its resi's aren't fantastic, but i think its ok for PvM. https://www.dofusplanner.com/lxKNw/edit/ https://www.dofusplanner.com/UPdLG/ Many thanks
  9. Balu

    Dofus again?

    Definitely worth trying, you never know you might like it. The one thing i do miss about Echo and a team is the independence. You can get things done quicker for sure, but then you still have x4 chars to build on. I also enjoy quests, but hate doing it on four accounts.
  10. Balu

    Dofus again?

    Hey Vcent, I'll give you my 2 pence. I was looking at coming back to Dofus about 3 weeks ago, I was going to go back to Echo. I actually didn't mind paying the £20 a month sub for 4 chars, and the reason for this was I've heard/read the economy on Echo is quite poor. Which is very understandable when you look at the population and player base. I have no doubt there are ways to earn enough money to sub, but i think 11.5mk a month just for sub might leave you in a rough spot for others things. After speaking to some people i decided to go back to Ilyzaelle. Within 10 mins of logging on i knew i had made the right decision. I was straight into a dungeon run (Obsi), after the dung i sold all the mats. Most of the mats sold within 10 mins, and the rest had sold when i logged on the next day. I've always been very bad at making money, but its so easy on Ilyzaelle simply due to the population size. Everything, and i mean everything sells! Not to mention subbing one char is cheaper than 4+. Of course I may be bias, but i was in a very similar situation and after doing a little research its the conclucion i came to. I know not everyone wants to leave the effort they put into other chars on other servers, but its certainly worth a look. As for OP: I'd certainly recommend Ilyzaelle for anyone who doesn't have a team of high levels already, and even then i think its worth the jump across in many cases.
  11. Class: FecaBuild: Int/Cha or int/cha/agi if a good one can be made with my limitations. I'm also open to OmniKamas/time available: 25mk roughly after selling gear. Plenty of time, but will mostly be buying parts.Lvl range: 200Extra comments: Playing on Ilyzaelle. I can't afford any exos, currently using an AP LJ shield. I have shaker/nomad and no eggs. Just looking for a decent set for my price, doesn't have to be the best end game set. Just something i can use to for the majority of content whilst i do the Dofus quests and general achievementsPvP or PvM: PvM only Thanks for any input. Side note: There are some good sets on the previous page for Fecas, however they include exos so i can't really use them.
  12. Hey guys, i'm just after some advice on which element may suit me best as an Ouginak. I am currently 199, but approaching 200, so I want to get my build settled so I know what to work towards. I am enjoying pure Agi, but its strange being such a cc heavy element, I spent most of my Dofus career as a Sadi, then a Feca. So i'm used to the long/mid range. Whilst it appears Agi are the superior build for PvP, how do they hold up in end game PvM? Can an Ouginak be effective as a cc class for end game content? As I've never progressed into 'real' end game content, i'm not sure. Chance appeals to me because of the nice range it has, but then i feel it might miss out on the Ouginaks built in mechanic, doggy form! Without being close I'll find it ahrd to stack rage for the %dmg reduction, or go doggy form for the extra damage. I've looked into being Cha/Agi, as it seems it would solve my problems. But nowadays the meta seems to be mono element, especially for PvP. As a Feca, and other classes I see the attraction in being hybrid, it often brings a lot of utility. But as a Ouginak I'm not sure it will. Will the extra range, and slightly utility out weigh the extra damage and potential better vit/resi? I am mostly focused on PvM for now, as I would like to complete a lot of game content that i've never managed to before, Dofus quests, end game dungeons, respectable achievement score etc. However eventually with some nice gear I'd like to try my hand at PvP. Any information would be great, even if its just an opinion on how end game content is for cc classes. Many thanks Balu
  13. So this is just the new name for Wakfu heroes, aka DOFUS Cube?
  14. I understand the need to try an equal out DT/seems. However 4 spawns a day for these new mounts seems absolutely ridiculous. I’ve never done any breeding, I think i caught one mount when DOFUS Touch opened. So if there is a big revamp I assume it’s to balance it and make it more accessible for people to get involved in. But how is the the average joe going to get involved in this? It simply means the prices are going to be through the roof! it won’t effect me for many years until I decide to start breeding for achievements points, by which point I hope this has changed.
  15. Toying with the idea of moving back to Echo. What I Have Acct1: 200 Feca Acct2: 199 Masq Acct3: 193 Feca Acct4: 180 Iop Acct5: 13x Cra (this is actually my gf, but she would move with me and be apart of my team) What I Want Number of New Accts: 1 (Move my 19x Eni on Ilyzaelle to a new acc) Goal: Complete all content in the game Leaning Toward: Change the 193 Feca to a Panda Extra Comments. So would a Feca/Masq/Iop/Panda/Eni/Cra team be able to complete the majority of content? I realise this is a heavily cc team, and from what i've read Cra/Sadi/Enu MP raping teams have been the flavour over the past few years. I feel the survivability is certainly there, however it may lack damage. My end game knowledge is very limiting (not played since 2015/never beaten CB). I was considering leaving my Eni on Ilyzaelle, and making the Feca into an Eni and not having the Panda, being a 5 man team instead of 6, but i feel the panda will be required for a lot of content with the team i have. Thank you
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