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  1. Balu

    2.47 Livestream

    I understand the need to try an equal out DT/seems. However 4 spawns a day for these new mounts seems absolutely ridiculous. I’ve never done any breeding, I think i caught one mount when DOFUS Touch opened. So if there is a big revamp I assume it’s to balance it and make it more accessible for people to get involved in. But how is the the average joe going to get involved in this? It simply means the prices are going to be through the roof! it won’t effect me for many years until I decide to start breeding for achievements points, by which point I hope this has changed.
  2. Balu

    Official "What team should I use" Thread

    Toying with the idea of moving back to Echo. What I Have Acct1: 200 Feca Acct2: 199 Masq Acct3: 193 Feca Acct4: 180 Iop Acct5: 13x Cra (this is actually my gf, but she would move with me and be apart of my team) What I Want Number of New Accts: 1 (Move my 19x Eni on Ilyzaelle to a new acc) Goal: Complete all content in the game Leaning Toward: Change the 193 Feca to a Panda Extra Comments. So would a Feca/Masq/Iop/Panda/Eni/Cra team be able to complete the majority of content? I realise this is a heavily cc team, and from what i've read Cra/Sadi/Enu MP raping teams have been the flavour over the past few years. I feel the survivability is certainly there, however it may lack damage. My end game knowledge is very limiting (not played since 2015/never beaten CB). I was considering leaving my Eni on Ilyzaelle, and making the Feca into an Eni and not having the Panda, being a 5 man team instead of 6, but i feel the panda will be required for a lot of content with the team i have. Thank you
  3. Welcome back. I was in a similar situation to yourself a few months back, so much had changed. Cra's are still solo Gods, and are simply a strong all round class. When i got back into Dofus i got my gf to try it, she plays a Agi/Int Cra. This is her first time playing any sort of online or computer game. Hasn't even touched a console. But she enjoys playing the Cra, she doesn't really struggle with anything. She was originally full Agi, as the nice dmg and knockback made the game a lot easier for her. Not she is Agi/Int because the two seem to compliment each other well. I think she'll stay Agi/Int until end game where she'll eventually go Omni. I believe Dofus wiki is quite out dated, along with most guides in English since every class has had such major changes with the varient system. But with a few google searches you should be able tp piece together info from different threads.
  4. Ah, thanks. Due to the different wording and description of the spells I thought they had different effects, so didn’t look at the other information.
  5. What is the difference between the Foggernaut spell, Evolution, and its varient Transition. I've read the description on the Dofus website but it doesn't seem to make it very clear. Well without actually playing and seeing it in person anyway. The way i see it is Evolution doesn't actually evolve the turret? Thanks
  6. Balu

    [Stats] PvP Ladders

    Will this be getting updated at the end of every month? This is a very interesting and useful link, thanks Sinbad
  7. Balu

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    I think whilst Fog/Eni could work I think there might be better combos. I think you could lack some damage. I think a Fog could work well in a duo because it’s very versatile, maybe choose a class that might work on the Fogs strengths, and also bring some extra damage? Panda or Sram sound like it could work. Or a Crabl if you wanted to play a more range play style? Or go the other way and keep the Eni, again choose another class to deal damage. This is simply if you want to have a more efficient team for duo. Fog/Eni could certainly work. Hope this helps somewhat. EDIT: I Player as a Fog/Panda duo before and it was a lot of fun. Albeit it was back in 2015 and before all the revamps/variants
  8. Balu

    Hey everyone !

    Welcome to Imps
  9. Thanks guys, i genuinely did look for it but thought it was called 'chest'. I managed to beat it if i can stay close and go full vit
  10. I've tried looking on wiki but couldn't find any information. How do Treasure Hunt Chests work? I was fighting one today and realised it healed me after 50% hp? Is there a specific tactic to beating them? I nearly died to the lvl 180 chest today
  11. Balu

    Breeding Revamp

    I’ve never done any breeding, and don’t understand much/ anything at all about breeding. However I think I can safely assume that this update will make it exponentially harder to breed and obtain the achievements?
  12. Balu

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the sets, and providing me with some options. I'm still trying to decide what build to go on the Eni. The reason chance (pure or hybrid) appeals to me the most is simply because of the self healing capability. So i feel as a solo player having chance in there somewhere would be very beneficial. Having said that, the Int/Agi build is impressive, and the fact i can have 2 steal spells from the Agi line, coupled the AoE and Int glyph spell it should be enough sustain. I've also thought about Cha/Agi. Would it be too much to ask if you could design a Cha/Agi set, again for lvl 199. I think it'll be either cha/agi or the int/agi build you suggested. Thank you, i really appreciate the help. EDIT: I came up with this: https://www.dofusplanner.com/gdnsK/edit/
  13. Balu

    The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: EniBuild: Cha/IntKamas/time available: Ilyzaelle server - Plenty of time and about 5mk for matsCurrent team: soloLvl range: 199Extra comments: The goal for this set is to enable me to comfortably farm 200 gear. It doesn't need to be the best/most expensive set, just effective enough to get me through the dungs. I am playing solo a lot, hence why Cha/Int and not pure Int. If you think you have another build for an Eni that would work, i'm interested in hearing.PvP or PvM PvM only Thank you
  14. Balu

    Trophies vs full sets

    Thanks for the reply Rev. You make a good point. I wasn't planning going all out on a 199 set, just something that will tie me over and be good enough to let me farm a 200 set. I'm currently 18x and still in Full Mastogob, so i'm all about stretching the limit on a set :D
  15. Balu

    Trophies vs full sets

    Hey guys, it's been years since i played PC Dofus, so i'm still getting to grips with the new sets, trophies and Dofus eggs. One thing i have noticed is that most people seem to have Shaker and Nomad in a lot of builds. As well as other >2 set bonus trophies. Are these trophies really better than most Dofus? Are they better until you get a full set of shiny eggs, or can afford AP/MP Exo mages? I've never been good at making sets, even when it used to be a lot simpler. I was looking at making a fairly simple Int/Cha 199 set for my Feca on Ilyzaelle. However i couldn't come up with anything decent, other than Full Bearbaric + Celestial bearbarian I actually really like this set, it lacks resi, however i plan on concentrating on PvM until i have myself some nice shiny eggs, and have gotten a feel for the game again. Someone suggested https://www.dofusplanner.com/oG0LU/ as an alternative. Everyone i speak to seems to say the trophies beat most setups. I was going to try save myself some money in the long run and just get the set i linked, and work on my eggs. However is it likely that at some point, when i create my end game set (whatever that may be) i am likely to use Shaker/Nomad and other trophies like it. Thanks EDIT: tldr- Set bonus + Dofus vs >2 Set Bonus Trophies

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