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  1. All I'm reading are micro transactions and some sort of life/energy bar to do shit. Wait 20mins or refill for 99p only
  2. Id probably not use the -AP/mp reduction trophy either. 120ish in pvp is more than enough. Most people's sets don't have a lot extra past wisdom leaving them around 60ish if they'reucky. Everyone exos ele res not mp red so you won't have that issue.
  3. No one is going to be able to tell you that probability. I always tend to add the bigger sinked stats back first because you end up in situations like yours, you end up easily with a perfect item and now require 2 larger sinks to land critically. Good luck anyway
  4. Once he browser version gets a full release this game should hit a spike in popularity
  5. The most recent improvement to AI in regards to traps has made srams drop in usefulness pvm wise. I still find them very fun to play
  6. Common and cheap endgame ecaflip that covers most elements well http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/258746-testy/1.html I can't see what set you made as the link is broken. Another suggestion is full tread + bearbaric set the. Hat and cloak of choice.
  7. I did wonder if str xelors needed range but couldn't be bothered to check so just made something after 5 mins of looking on dofus book haha. Is it just me or do the dofus planner links not show full set stats, at least on an iPhone?? Edit: never mind found the stats by clicking the chat icon at he top. Not the most obvious thing imo but I do like the improved scaling for mobile
  8. Just go str. Wisdom for anything other than exp is a waste. AP reduction is dead outside of pvpI also made this very quickly if it's of any use http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/258746-testy/3.html
  9. Both add a fair bit of damage to your team. I find a rogue to be more useful to my play style pvm but I haven't played an elio as extensively as some who may disagree with me. Elio also has the upside of heals and a bit better map manipulation. Both are difficult classes to master.
  10. I have been messing around with new chars into their 7x's and fighting mobs in random areas is so much better exp/min. Hardly anyone actually levels chars these days without leeching so there a lot of areas on offer. If you really want exp from dungeons just start from the achieve list and do as many as you can. They generate decent exp for low levels.
  11. Iops are so useful when they're omni with str as main element. There is a reason everyone uses the same set
  12. For pvm I use 12/5 http://dofusbook.net/fr/personnage/fiche/258746-jbjh/2.html That's cheapest and I guess there might be slight upgrades from switching into some rassler gear?
  13. While it is not impossible, crits don't have as bigger sink anymore and your right why have 50 when you can have 72 but the cost of the other stats would probably not be worth it.
  14. Getting 22str overmaged on one item is a big push, read back through the thread and learn about power of runes and sinks. If your trying to meet conditions for a weapon or something your better off maging a little str on more items
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