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  1. So sad to see Poupik's proposition winning :( Azael is better. There is an extra guy, you get to test others for some fights (so not really necessary to buy them, you can adapt your need for them depending on the limitation) and you can gather enough ogrines to collect them slowly. The option winning means 2 boring quests/achievements and then pay without try... bleh!
  2. Q&A Session with Lichen!

    Thanks for the link. Is not the answer I was hoping for, but hey, is an answer nonetheless, so thanks for that. I think Ankama should embrace multi-accounting even more. It is clearly already easier for a multi-player than long before (dungeon teleport is already a sort of "all in one client", I think) but I would like that extra step. This discussion if multi is more beneficial or less is now really old, and we all know it has both benefits and negatives. Oh well... moving on! (to another game).
  3. Q&A Session with Lichen!

    I guess it has already been answered before but I'd like to know. Since multi-clienting is so common in Dofus these days, have you ever considered allowing the control of more than one character within one client (if technically possible)?
  4. Are there any offline games like dofus?

    You will not find any MMO that is offline :P But if you are looking for turn-based games, there are many. There is a recent one with cartoon-ish looks called Skulls of the Shogun, but you will find many. Edit: I just want to give a shout out to the King's Bounty games. Though quite old now, I really enjoyed them. Give them a try :)
  5. The Mimisymbics

    The same in Guild Wars 2 (and, if I'm not wrong, you also gotta pay for those in higher lvl items, and also just one use). Is a great fun idea to implement this in Dofus, and a nice cash flow for Ankama as well... Edit: and, with this, finally all those collectible set parts have a reason to exist!!
  6. Stuff we're scared of.

    I have panic to most flying insects :s And I'm talking intense panic "I'm going to run crying". Very embarrassing when I'm gardening... :P
  7. Welcome to the new Imps!

    I thought it was April' s Fool all over again too :P Nice change :)
  8. Company Names ideas

    Ah, cool then. Excuse moi!
  9. Company Names ideas

    I know Garne is a mod and gets free range and all that, but... is it really necessary (or acceptable) to troll this thread?
  10. Company Names ideas

    Not really original but... LookUpHD seems available and simple. HighPlanetHD also available... Good luck! PS: Actually if you add HD to anything it mostly is available
  11. Guild Alliance Devblog

    Ah, it makes sense actually. I didn't have the time to get into the test sever myself so I was wondering if the system worked as strangely as it shows on paper... :P But I guess we will have to wait to have it live to see if it works.
  12. Guild Alliance Devblog

    Quite surprised we didn't get yet much info from the testers this time :P Not much to report? For those interested (I don't think I saw it posted before) the Devblog for Heroic Server was posted yesterday in French: http://www.dofus.com/fr/devblog/billets/alliances-guerres-guildes-serveur-heroique
  13. April Fools!

    I just came yesterday to see what you guys did (since you make the effort to do something every year) and thought it was hilarious :D
  14. I find this silly (Dofus topics)

    Wow, these people leave no market untouched! xD Edit... I had to say it: "Why are they wasting time developing a restaurant when they should be busy with dofus!!!!11" :lol:
  15. Weapon Balancing Devblog.

    Agree 100% with you about whiners that never quit. But this? You do know the game is working since (almost?) 10 years, right? Why didn't they create the game they wanted to create at first then? Please don't take it personally, but this tone is a bit insulting to people that played the game AS IT WAS INTENDED. o.o (Edit: Man, lately I seem to have too much time in my hands to have internet discussions that go nowhere xD I leave it here!)