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  1. I'm seriously contemplating joining this! It seems like a bit of fun, granted everyone seems split between the servers... which might make things a bit challenging.
  2. Are you rocking 8 Enus @Deli-Market? The Enu army meta is very real.
  3. I feel bad for bumping this, but a lot of the concept art featured in the initial post was used in the new Krosmaga expansion. Who even knows if the game is still in development...
  4. Oh hey it's Cuff *hugs avatar*.
  5. I mean, I'd hardly call this a crisis but okay. I see, I'm not entirely sure why Ankama hates getting money so much. Oh well, I don't have the time or the energy to translate both the products and the exchange rate, I guess I'll just spend my money elsewhere, thank you for your input.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm still not 100% sure where I should post this, so feel free to move this thread around as you see fit mods. I have a quick question regarding the Ankama shop. Basically mine seems to be stuck on French, despite clicking the little drop box in the top left corner in order to change the language setting to English. I'm hoping someone knows a workaround because as it stands I'm not entirely sure what I'm looking at and what's what. I've tried a few things but it always seems to bounce back to French. Thanks a bunch!
  7. I don't think I like Elio much, so far I've been playing around with my Osa, a Sac and a Feca. I have no idea why as they are all so different to when I quit years back. I'm still keen on 4, but find 2-3 easier to manage for achievements and general exploration. I'll never play seriously again, unless I'm suddenly extremely motivated, but in terms of slow progression and achievements, are these 3 okay? My logic was along the lines of tank (Sac) support / summons (Osa) and Feca for lols. I'm contemplating replacing the Feca with a Cra and changing the Sac into an Iop, but with double exp and whatnot I guess it won't exactly be a massive waste of time.
  8. It seems very similar to Wakfu Osas, with a bit of a twist. Exciting times.
  9. Wow hi Tone ;). I see, thank you for your input. I quite like the idea of those three and an Osa on paper, my issue would be healing but I haven't had enough time to read if there are other healers aside from Eni these days.
  10. Hi everyone, So recently I've been thinking of returning to Dofus after years of being inactive (go go server intrusion and the account hackings that followed). While I do play Wakfu on and off, I've started to miss Dofus and how much fun I had with 2 accounts farming Crackler dungeon :rolleyes:. Anyways, I plan on starting from scratch and will probably end up playing either 3 or 4 accounts. That being said, my first question involves team composition and what classes would be 'ideal'. While I don't plan on hitting endgame super-fast-omg-12-hours-a-day, I'd still like a capable group that can clear most content. Ideally I'd love an Osa, though having read through the forums and whatnot I can see they're not best-in-slot. With that in mind, what 2-3 other classes do you think would work with an Osa? Alternatively, what is a solid 3-4 man group that doesn't involve one? Lastly, given I plan on playing 3-4 accounts, I've been using a script that lets me shift between the 4 screens quite quickly, but I still find it a bit slow and clanky, is there some alternative way of moving a group as a unit? I know there's something for dungeons, but for the most part I'm questing and doing some light achievements. I'm actively reading through imps and whatnot now, so I apologise if these sort of posts are becoming tedious to some of you. I'll probably add more questions as they come to me, but I have to dash! Thanks a bunch.
  11. I figured the warning point system was everyone's 'second chance'. I personally feel if you're banned from the forums for a justifiable reason, why should you be welcomed back? People change, sure, but I imagine that's something that takes months, if not years, to actually transpire. Anyways, it's good to have an active admin presence again, welcome back Azaelya.
  12. I've been playing on and off, alongside ESO. I'm holding out for HoT though!
  13. I'm currently inactive due to real life, but I play on the NA server, I main a Sorc called Tragrim ^_^.
  14. Shieldale will always be iconic to me! He gave me a home, selflessly ran myself and other newbies through dungeons, often dropped his alts for us, crafted gear and maged on demand, helped me get moonhammer back when I played a Sac.. Ah good times. *urge to play Dofus rising*
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