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  1. Tír na nÓg

    Indeed.. *bans self* and reports thread xD
  2. Tír na nÓg

    Hello Dear Players! Ive prolonged this post way to long, but it is now time for Themis to head out to Tír na nÓg ( wiki it! ) Ive been a moderator here for a long time, and it does fill me with huge sadness that I am leaving, but I feel that the team needs leadership in the form of a head moderator that is online, and not some scary ghostly Themis that no one sees :P Ive seen the Dofus community and game evolve greatly from those early beta stages when vast areas of the map was simply off limits due to not being created yet! I have seen the servers grow , and some truly awesome players. I bid you all a found farewell ( especially i shall miss Shika and my time terrifying those dear players <3 ) Please make my new replacement very welcome, This person has been carefully hand picked for this role, and will be most awesome at the job! ( i'll let Izmar do that announcement ) * Does an "extra" special slow rimmer salute * Dofus community! its been an honour looking after you! Themis @ Tír na nÓg
  3. Please use the link Izmar linked above. Thanks
  4. Well, the title of the ticket is ( I have a problem that's not listed here, what should I do? ) And screenshot of ticket ( yea they are gonna need that ID ) Also been told that it is a general ticket for problems not listed, so my guess is its just "filed" under the wrong section , Also this ticket does not show when doing a search for the Transfer a character problems. Can not recall how i stumbled over this little gem, but it was bookmarked real quick! Edit, Actually this ticket does not show on any search's , its like that planning application from Hitch Hikers Guide to the galaxy ....... EDIT EDIT!!! I will, of course double check this..
  5. Thought i better quote myself as the above quote looks a tad misleading , as you can see i was referring to the player base on ignoring using the Shield, and not Ankama ignoring ( not saying that they are or are not , Just that i did NOT say or intend to suggest ). And ЯeveЯt if i could have more sway over Admin / Support i would indeed take on the "Tron" mantle for the Users, Sadly we do not. I will however have a look for a ticket link that has a more "generic" nature Ok and here is the "general" problem link La Link Now please note the usage of this link Absolutely NO abuse of this support ticket, As im sure you know what will happen if it gets abused, yup! locked in a dark room with a malnourished SnowWolf and never to be seen again Please , naturally comes to you guys , be polite , NOT too wordy , Keep it simple ( Edit: i meant you guys are naturally polite and NOT simple ... honest ) And er....Good luck guys!
  6. Spot on, and was the point i was hoping to get across, However if your response is "Im not going to contact support because .... " then there is little point. What Morg has done is a good start, now you must help yourself by passing this info onto support, My job as Moderator in these cases is to advice, as we have no access to tools, only admin/support do. The more tickets from different players with similar issues the more weight to your cause But PLEASE keep in mind as soon as you mention account sharing then support may very well go cold on you ( hence me already stating i was not going to comment on this, but have to draw this to your attention as its number 1 point in Morgs check list, And again, to be quite honest having the Shield on is a very sensible step to take, we are all now aware that there are problems here, and choosing to ignore another security measure , just because you feel you should not "have" to use it, is IMHO folly. I am glad to see this thread keeping on track, and keeping a pleasant tone, in what is best described as unpleasant circumstances.
  7. Ok, ive been following this since the first post, part way though got concerned it was going to de-rail, hence asking rugger to take a look. I think we need to go back to basics here ( for new comers to this thread a 19 pager is like O.o ) I'll not comment nor get drawn into any debate about account sharing vs shield. Ive two points to make. 1. The hacker merch, has anyone taken a screenshot of the merch and what its selling, possibly even labeling which items are known stolen items, and reported this to the Support, if not then do report with screenshots and maybe something can be done about it 2. The quoted text was one post that really stood out , So on the face of this it does indeed seem that the Shield does indeed work ( which is good yes? ) but still accounts can be logged, Again i believe this must get reported, If support are not told about these cases, then they will be blissfully unaware ( unless there are thread on the FR dofus site, not being a French speaker, and google+translate = fail , i dont even attempt to go there ) Whilst it is very annoying for people / the moderators / support etc banging on about update this and that , Once done and shield is in place and your accounts are still getting logged ( even if nothing is taken ) then that IS cause for alarm still, And poppets post draws attention to that. I would guess to say that yes, Izmar may not return to this thread as her words seemed to have fallen on deaf ears. I do understand players frustrations here, and then only to face support where "possibly" they could be a little more forth coming , i feel that cases that may get support worrying are those accounts that are of similar setup to that of poppets. I do hope that a solution to these matters will get addressed EDIT I meant support , rather than PM'ing Mods as its only support that can deal *Gets back into Dog house*
  8. Moderator Applications

    I shall endeavor to get some more info with regards the other communities ( just dont hold your breath too much, you may hurt something! ) Themis <3
  9. Selling osa 160 with 1 year of p2p

    Thread noted, and passed onto Izmar too look at Themis <3
  10. Moderator Applications

    Indeed not, had a feeling it had changed, it is now looked after by Ankama. So the possibility of Mod Applications there "may" come about ( this is not an official statement ) Themis
  11. Moderator Applications

    It is indeed for the English community team only, And as far as i recall its LevelUP! that look after the Moderation side of things too ( sorry! ) Themis EDIT... Getting updated info on levelUP, more to follow soon.....
  12. Moderator Applications

    Hello there, Here it talks about some of the Moderator's duties ( though alittle dated ) , Generally a new mods duties are assigned to Bot control, And control of those naughty little players ( im sure you know who they are :P ) But most importantly it is All the best to those applying! Themis
  13. How to use this forum

    Hi there I dont often post here, as im normally kept busy on the official site however, this ticket should be..well er the ticket ^^ It says "i could not change my password" as ive already answered the other shall we say less helpful questions it asks, and now you are are a point where you can fill out a form, depending if you correctly/incorrectly filled out your original details.. Themis Edit for Extra bits!