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  1. Hey old buddy!


    I couldn't remember how to log into my old Impsvillage account so I made this new one. Quarantine has me looking for something to do and  has brought me back to Dofus. If you happen to log in or see this let me know, I'll be making a new Dofus account too and would love to play together like the good ol days.


    - Crayon

    1. Makster


      So then where are you? LOL long time my friend. I too am back for a bit due to lockdown


      Online now 



  2. Back after missing a few years. Use to run around Rushu for years and years. Just wondering if any of the old gang is lurking around Makster
  3. Yo fool!


    What is up! I have dragged my old A** back into Dofus. Hit me up if you log in. I am on Echo.


    Someone stole our dang Rushu server!


    Makalites forever!

  4. Looking for following: Koelloggs the Creator Also a kralove soul. Trying to finish the harvest after a few years away. Have a lot of dupes for trade also. Thanks
  5. Take it easy Peetz, game will not be the same without you. Makster Superlative Exemplar
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