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  1. Hey Cadderly...thanks for your honesty....I managed to get on the discord at UTE and gonna head into the Henual server. Thanks
  2. Been thinking about building an osa up on a retro server for old times sake ......is guild still active?..would be english speaking and prefer solo players as guildies.
  3. No way Youb....that is most definitely my accolade right there :) I think the game is pretty cool atm.......Im in no way gonna slate it just cos my brain cant handle some of the new dynamics but I will get there I am sure....apply yourself peetz!...most of the changes are working out for the better. As for the community feel which Rushu had many moons ago I reckon it will return...the golden age is upon us ;)
  4. All the best in all you do Jump :) , you were one of the good guys :)
  5. peetz

    Ask a Mage

    yeah I kinda found out for myself and I got the message cant be increased anymore.........and yeah it was alot lower for some....but a 100 vitality over the max natural increase in most cases is hard but achievable. Did have one item that had a 300 max natural stat and wouldnt let me go beyond 376......not sure how that worked.....just kept getting message that it couldnt be increased further :) thanks for input :)
  6. peetz

    Ask a Mage

    How far can I push the vitality stat on epic lvl items with 200-250 natural stat........Ive overmaged vit before ofc but just wondered if there was an absolute max (and whatever it is Ill know not too waste my time chasing the impossible) :)
  7. Ok guys Im looking for those knowledgeable folks among yas to gimme me some insight into how damage reflect works nowadays. I wanna know how damage reflect differs from that provided by spells and that from pets/mounts or gear??....are either of them affected by wisdom anymore?? Also how is it calculated for both and how does resist (both attacker and defender) affect how much is reflected back to attacker. Hope someone can help me ...thanks in advance :)
  8. peetz

    Hi :)

    Just a little note to say hi and that Im back on Rushu :)
  9. And so it is time for peetz to sign off...Ive quit before and came back but this is different. Got other stuff to take care of irl..all good though ;) Had so much fun over the years, hung out with some awesome peoples and yeah its been so much fun, I am of course leaving behind my new found family in Superlative Exemplar...gonna miss you guys!! And thats it, thanks for the memories Rushu, there are too many of you to mention ...all the best to everyone of yas !!! :D Peetz over and out .
  10. Happy Birthday Peetz <3 ^.^

  11. peetz

    Goultard ?

    Ive never used hotkeys , I guess its too late to get it into my head..lol....but anyways back to the post about Ralfehs video....how come Goult keeps walking back to Ralfeh, hes all over the place when Ive fought em????
  12. Its a little awkward going past 200/210 vit and getting up past 600 ini but not to where youd have to go buy shit loads of ra runes...gl!! :)
  13. 29th attempt....did this today...my first exo :) I used pa runes for the whole thing ...eased it past 600 ini and figured 230+ vit was cool....so yeah its to throw into my set and will do the job just fine:)
  14. peetz

    Ask a Mage

    29th attempt got it to stick...(ill post in gallery)...anyways I used pa runes which stuttered a little once past 210 vit and just managed to edge it over 600 ini....its in gallery anyway and thx for input^^
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