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  1. If you are max level, then it is not that hard to gather the gold to pay for the subscription. You have a lot of options to get gold, and just by leveling from 100-110 on the latest expansion, you get around 10k. Dungeons, gathering, class hall missions, professions etc all give you gold. You can also solo older raids, they have a weekly lockout but you can do it on several characters, and get around 5k gold if you run the ones which give you the best gold (and they are extremely easy to solo). The only thing is, as I mentioned, this is easy if you are max level. If you will star
  2. Ok, so some friends decided to join me, and the so far is: Iop/Eni/Panda/Elio/Rogue/Sram (will stay at 6 characters). Now, as I had mentioned before, my main is the sram. At first I didn't want to change it to a different class or anything, but now im wondering if sram would be the best option with that team composition, for mainly damage. I think I have enough map manipulation with the other characters, so i want to focus mainly on damage with my character. is sram still the best option for that though? Possible class changes would be between Huppermage/Eca/Cra, Any suggestions again will b
  3. Ok, I decided to go for the Elio. I will level one up though, and keep the mask around. What builds are useful for Elio? Agi?
  4. I'm not very familiar with the elio, does it provide good damage/support? I would prefer a Rogue, because I find them fun to play, but how useful are they on pve content?
  5. Hello all. I'm planning to come back, but I havent played for a while so I'm not sure whats good nowadays. I currently have Iop (200)/Eni (200) /Masq (199) /Sram (199). I know Iop/Eni are still good, but I was wondering if Masq/Sram are still good? Sram is my main, so even if it is not "meta", as long as it is somewhat useful I will probably use it (since I really like the class). Masqueraider is the big question, are they any good? I could change it to a different class, but I'm not sure. I will probably also level a panda, so it would be a 5 man team. Any suggestions will be appreciated
  6. Hello, I may be coming back from a very long break (read 2 years). I tried starting a new character like 6 months ago, but it wasn't that fun, so I decided that I will continue with my 199 Sram. Now, my question is, are Srams in a good state right now? Which build is the best one? If they aren't really good right now, should I take advantage of the class change service and get something else? I will probably play with a friend (Feca), so I am looking to play something strong (not support). I was thinking Eca/Cra, but to be honest I don't know their state either. Any input would be great!
  7. The game is pretty nice. Graphic wise is gorgeous, and the music is really good as well. I like a lot that you can have all classes in 1, so you can quickly change and level an alt while you queue for something. I haven't played that much (my higher lvl char is a 26 Rogue), but I have enjoyed what I've played. I frequently seem to drop it for other MMO's though. FF combat is pretty slow (due it's global cooldown), and while it is certainly bearable, it can be too slow for some. I usually play fast paced MMO's like GW2 and Wildstar, so it can be somewhat boring after playing for a while, and d
  8. I actually find Panda extremely boring for a main, for an alt is not that bad though. Sram is fun, I have a 199 one, but I don't know... all the traps and stuff isn't that fun. I came back a few days ago, and made a feca (I mained one for like 3-4 years) and although they are very different, they are still pretty fun imo. Maybe they are not in the current meta, but that changes, and you should always play what you find fun and not what currently works. You never know when an update comes and make your main underpowered, so if you only enjoyed it because it was on the meta, you would eventually
  9. Ok, so I started to play again and went for a fresh start with a friend. We started with two characters, Feca and Elio. Currently Int Feca and Agi Elio (I don't know if this works best in endgame, but since we are still leveling doesn't really matter). I eventually want to make it a 4 man team, so 1 slot is reserved for an Eni. My question is, which character can fill the 4th slot? I am looking for a damage dealer, of a class that I enjoy to play. I don't really are if my team is optimal, but I won't ditch the Feca (favorite class) and I won't play an Iop (don't like them) nor Sram (already
  10. Welcome! You will find a pretty nice and helpful community here. Hope you enjoy it!
  11. You should come back and play with me again :<

  12. Hey guys. After a long time, I want to play again starting with fresh characters. I was just wondering, what is the state of the game? Do you still see enough people playing? I play in Rosal btw. Also, is Ankama adding new content frequently, or not? Probably the last time I played for real was over a year ago so yeah... lol Thanks in advance for any response.
  13. Exactly, Sea of Sorrows is NA. Only for WvW servers matter (since those are still server based fights). So if you are a new player, it is always better to take a look at the top servers in case you want to WvW :P
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