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  1. Items don't drop and the english community will by divided by 2. I don't want to be a party pooper, but I think I'll pass this one. Maybe I'll change my mind, we'll see.
  2. Echo guild on Temporis 5 has 5-10 active members, not sure about other server. Not sure, what exactly do you want to know about economy. Prices steadily go down as average level gets higher. I'll give you few examples of current lowest prices of items on Temp5: normal Gelano - 73kk MP Gelano - 200kk PDC - 25kk Major Vigour - 240kk 190-199 gear is worth 50kk - 1mk And something like Queen of Fate cape 3.5 mk
  3. Great, because Temp1 and Temp6 are the only servers I can't transfer to. Maybe they're full or something.
  4. So, how are the things going on the other servers now? How big are the english communities? On Temp 5 we have a guild with 5-10 active people, not sure are there any other english guilds alive. I was thinking about moving to Temp1 few times, but I'm always too late, when transfers to T1 are already disabled.
  5. Temporis 1 still has the biggest english speaking community? How many active members does the biggest english guild have?
  6. So Temp1 currently has the biggest english-speaking community? We were in the same guild "Synchro", I think. Yeah, I logged yesterday and there were 0 people online. I found new english guild with few active people (can't remember the guilds name now). PM me when you're online, IGN: Ryoyu
  7. Is there a way to move my char to different server without logging in? Temporis V is completely unplayable for me.
  8. Yeah, I played for an hour, took a break and now I can't log in, because "server is full". I thought that won't be an issue, if I'm presubscribed.
  9. Some guy asked it on reddit, there's no precise answer yet tho: https://old.reddit.com/r/Dofus/comments/ak9gum/what_time_does_temporis_ii_go_live/
  10. "Wymiataczo" was my full name, what was yours and which class in which guild did you play? Can't believe, someone remembers me after 10 years with so many details. I wrote a guide for Damage Iop on polish Dofus community website (it's deleted from the internet now, unfortunately) and there were few 120+ lvl damage Iops out there when I quit. So I wouldn't be surprised if eventually someone surpassed me. Unless Frigost expansion ruined the idea of damage Iop. I didn't really play it, but it split the "+damage" stat to 5 elements, IIRC. Which could be problematic. Now I see, that Sword of Judgement deals only 2 types of damage, so there's nothing but memory left after my build. And I don't even remember login, password or e-mail for Wymiataczo. Maybe Ankama deleted him anyway, after so many years of inactivity. I wonder, are there still any people from the old "Rise of Good" playing. I actually was a leader of RoG for a while, because the former leader quit and gave me the rank. But I also quit shortly after.
  11. Hello, I'm going to try Temporis after 10 years break from Dofus. Since it will last only for few weeks, so it's pointless to go for long term rewards, etc. - which parts of the game should I avoid?
  12. Maybe I'm too late to the party, but I've decided to try Dofus again after... nearly 10 years break. I used to play on Shika, Anyway, servers 1-4 are full, so: nick: Ryoyu Huppermage Temporis V
  13. Anania

    So, you quit or what??

  14. Wym

    Choosing a Class

    I play fire Enu at the moment. He seemed to be unique and fun, but in practice he's just very luck dependent. Also, I was trying to find nice combos with all the spells and then I realized his last spell (Lava) is just much stronger than the others. You can win most of the fights just by casting that 1 spell. After beta, I'm going to play str iop. Iop was my main in Dofus and I kinda miss that class. Agi iop deals close combat single target dmg and nothing else. Int iop deals aoe dmg and nothing else. While str iop is nice mix of aoe and single target dmg with some utility. I only hope, this game won't be destroyed by multi accounting, like Dofus is.
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