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  1. The "What gear should I use" thread

    Class: Sacrier Build: Int/Cha Kamas/Time: Plenty Current team: None Level Range: 154-160 PvP or PvM oriented: Mostly PvM Extra Comments: Just came back after a 5-6 year hiatus so I'm a little overwhelmed with the changes. I have this mocked up so far: http://dofp.la/4Tplg/ Nekochief has the MP maged off and I can replace the Styxring with a Notwithstand Ring that I have. I also have a Jackanapes for 12ap but that would shoehorn me into using either a Limbo Wand or an Emerald/Any Drago. I could use some help deciding on a pet/mount and another trophy as well as anything else that can be changed or improved upon. Thanks for your time.
  2. PC on Blue Piwin

    I'm looking to buy a blue piwin and was just wondering the usual price they go for
  3. Im having trouble deciding on which path to take with my panda. He is currently level 145 and with the new changes coming soon for pandas I wanted to test some new builds on him. I also plan on scrolling chance fully hopefully and maybe scroll half of intell. Currently Im testing Cha/Intell and the Set I've cooked up is: Full Mastogob DP Ring with +Range exomage (Might change to Notwithstand Ring at 146) Powerful Dazzling Cloak for the 10th AP Metal Hammer Ap/Mp Gelano and a Almond/Eme Mount The problem is with this set is that it doesn't give enough range/ini to satisfy me and if I switch to a range mount I lose a lot of ini and I have hardly any to begin with. Vitality is a bit lackluster in this set also but I don't see any way to increase it without scrolling As for Pure Chance I can't find a good balance between Range/Cha/Vit with any sets I've tried creating so I have absolutely no idea where to go from this point Any tips and pointers from you Veteran/Elite Pandas would be much appreciated! Btw I'm mostly solo so funds aren't terribly hard to come by but still I have to be mindful on how much the sets will cost me
  4. test server opens

    Does anyone know if they'll be opening the duty free zone? I need to reset my stats badly v.v
  5. Post your Guts

    EDIT: Picture broke :/
  6. Movie recommendation corner

    If you're looking for a good action movie I suggest Red Hill. It was a limited release and I had to go far to find it, but it was worth my time.
  7. Movie recommendation corner

    1. Hot Fuzz 2. Forrest Gump 3. Smokin' Aces 4. District 9 5. RocknRolla My favorites <3
  8. Movie recommendation corner

    Great movie
  9. [official] Post Your Picture Topic!

    Had a helluva lot of fun -_- Some friends and me at In n Out Yes that is an 8x8... no It was not a bet... I was hungry... (Miss mah beard) :P
  10. Since everything is so damned expensive I'm looking for: SO Belt SO Boots Cheeken Axe Pm me on -Mitosu- EDIT: Amulet and Ring bought
  11. Movie recommendation corner

    Hahaha by far one of the most racist movies I have seen it was also surprisingly funny Anyways just saw: Orphan- Intensely awesome A Perfect Getaway- Awesome The Collector- Too predictable(Protagonist is badass though) The Hangover- Funny as hell Funny People- Funnier than I thought it would be The Ugly Truth- Funny(Guy humor)
  12. Ooosps, looks like you requested me as a friend awhile ago. Sorry, didn't bother checking requests.

  13. Happy Birthday.. *Helps you blow out the candles on your cake* May all your wishes come true! *Hands you a bunch of colorful, (red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and pink) balloons*