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  1. People could volunteer to help them translate Items too, if it is feasible.
  2. FYI: (most of) Dofusbook is now available in English and Spanish.
  3. Thanks, bobeur. Could someone please confirm that bonus in game (i.e. +10 damage per trap triggered), and/or try to answer my other questions re. Summoning Claw? Anyone? Anyone?
  4. Hello everyone, Need your help with a couple of v2.48 spells: ECA Summoning Claw Could you please confirm Rank 2's buff is 100 Power? How many times, maximum, can a Kitten buff the caster's Power during a single turn? (e.g. could someone please buff a Kitten with mass APs, and release it on a forest of enemy Cawwots?) SRAM Toxines When does the poison damage trigger (i.e. is it at the [start or end] of the [target or caster]'s turn)? By how much does base damage increase, with each trap triggered by the target?
  5. Updated to v2.47 As always, if you find an error, please report it either on here or via email at contact@dofusplanner.com
  6. Now that the beta server is open again, gonna give it another shot: Can someone please confirm: Ecaflip Rekop -- base damage of Turn 2 & Turn 3 Rekops, at Level 1 (character level 92+) & 2 (character level 141+) Sadida The Inflatable -- The Inflatable gives 2 MP for 2 turns, at Level 2 (character level 112+) Xelor Xelor's Sandglass -- base AoE damage, cells adjacent to a target in Telefrag state, at Level 2 (character level 65+) Thanks!
  7. You're gonna have to bear with me on this. Ready? OK. So: - Back in 2010, when Rogues were first introduced to the game, area-of-effect damage was calculated like so: 110% targeted cell, 100% adjacent cells, -10% malus for each subsequent cell. Said rule applied to Bomb Explosions and Bomb Walls, which at the time dealt the same exact base damage. - In April 2013 (see v2.11 patchnotes, under "SPELLS"), Ankama changed the way area-of-effect damage was managed to: 100% targeted cell, 90% adjacent cells, -10% malus for each subsequent ce
  8. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give on this. Thanks! (see initial post)
  9. Hi everyone, I need your support to help me update spells/variants on DofusPlanner Ecaflip Rekop Please confirm base damage of Turn 2 and Turn 3 Rekops, at Level 1 (character level required: 92+) and 2 (character level required: 141+) Sadida The Inflatable Please confirm The Inflatable does give 2 MP for 2 turns, at Level 2 (character level required: 112+) Xelor Xelor's Sandglass Please confirm the base AoE damage around a target in Telefrag state, at Level 2 (character level required: 65+) As you can ima
  10. Edited my initial post, adding/deleting questions re. Ecaflip, Rogue, Sadida, Foggernaut and Xelor.
  11. Last question: how many turns do bonuses (150 Pwr, 1 AP, 1 MP) gained via Contribution last?
  12. +20 base damage to Fire Morph only (i.e. 58-62 and 78-82 Fire damage, since you can stack it twice), every element (i.e. not only Fire, but also Water, Earth, Air Morph), or every single spell (i.e. not only Morph, but all other Hupper spells too)? Same question re. Air +2 Range.
  13. For the purpose of updating spells on DofusPlanner, I'm only interested in base damage and whether or not triggered effect(s) can stack(s)/accumulate(s). So, let me rephrase: - will 6 Air runes deal 60 Air damage or 10 Air damage? (in other words, can damage from runes of the same element add up, and if so, how many times?) - will 12+ runes of mixed elements deal 120+ base damage? (in other words, if damage from runes of mixed elements can add up, is there a limit to the number of times it can do so?)
  14. Example Even if there are more than 4 runes on the map, Runic Repulsion's effect (e.g. 2 cells pushback) will only stack 4 times. In other words, the effect won't trigger more than 4 times. So, re. Runic Overcharge: - will 6 Air runes deal 60 Air damage or 10 Air damage? [and/or] - will a mix of 12 runes (3 of each elements) deal 120 base damage, or less?
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