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  1. ??? Join now for an addition 75% free banter. Hurry, limited time only!
  2. Not sure if this is just today or the last few weeks, but me and group of friends I play with regularly seem to all suffer from period connection drops on one or two of our alts. It always seems to be much worse in fights for some reason, and only ever seems to affect half our characters at once.
  3. SPOOKY SKELETON SOCIETY WANTS YOU! Who are we? The Spooky Skeleton Society is a brand new guild that was formed by a group of friends who have recently restarted playing again, and wanted to recapture the feeling of having a tight-knit community of people to play Dofus with. What do we do? A little bit of everything and nothing! This guild hasn’t been formed with any particular goal in mind, other than having a grand old time. With over a decade’s worth of Dofus experience under our belts, you’d think we’d be pros at the game by now, bu
  4. Yeah it's one of those animals that really should have been made in to a Pokemon already. Still holding out for a dolphin and flamingo, hopefully with Alola being tropical we'll finally see them.
  5. New Pokemon and Zygarde footage! https://mobile.twitter.com/Pokemon/status/741662368317333505 Also, Nintendo have announced that Sun and Moon will feature during their E3 livestreams. Whether or not we'll get any new info is yet to be determined.
  6. New info will be posted on the 2nd of June at 13:00 GMT. I fully expect we'll get the names and the types of the box legendaries and possibly another Pokemon or two.
  7. Ditto. Play nice guys, the whole console wars schtick is getting stale. I've cleaned the thread up, no more flaming ok? Caff, I'm intrigued by this - it's got Sharlto Copely which is honestly enough. I'm not seeing on the UK's PSN, though, is this a US exclusive thing or am I being blind?
  8. Dupe thread, hit up Ultimate's link instead (but you've already done that)!
  9. Just a heads up, The Escapist is having a key giveaway; I got mine just for entering their newsletter.
  10. Get yourself a copy of Dragon Age Inquisition game if you can. It's got a nice aesthetic and is fun as hell.
  11. Topic moved to the airport~
  12. Well, shit. Happy two-day-late birthday, bruh!
  13. Congratumalations all around folks, welcome to the team!* *
  14. 1) It really depends. If it's a true masterpiece then it would be a complete shame to waste it on just us ;) 2) Unless I'm mistaken, we haven't set a firm deadline. If you, or anyone else for that matter, is serious about applying then don't stress - I'm sure we can stretch this out another week or so if it means we're getting more quality applications!
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