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  1. Sinecure damage preview is incorrect.
  2. Looking for Leveling Service.

    Good to close topic. Sarah-Kerrigan(Lord-of-Terror) took care of my leveling needs. Can definitely recommend them for leeching souls.
  3. Recently came back. 1-2 full wis characters from low level to 150 or so. Will payout the same or better than previous services and I am willing to prorate if you can't finish all at once. /w Chapterhouze and or leave message.
  4. Shika Picture Pwnage Thread!

    Jeez Pez, you're making us look bad as a class :) Remember before dispersing arrow when we could just lock a Cra and say gg? :/
  5. Shika Picture Pwnage Thread!

    I just noticed your Sig Romanov, it's obviously inaccurate genius. You would need AT LEAST an Ultra Pokeball to catch the President of the United States. (And a Master Pokeball for Obama)
  6. Best in each class

    organizing* Are you from the UK or something? xD
  7. Best in each class

    1. I think it might be because of the fact that Shika was once F2P, we have a bunch of great players who were to cheap to play elsewhere and too lazy to change servers after. 2. Great idea about holding a tournament, although it's not gonna work without someone to organize it.
  8. Best in each class

    Are you talking about Apu? How much AP do you have? O.o
  9. Best in each class

    I've had a similar experience on Test, haven't lost to any srams on Test to date. I remember beating Timbone without getting hit, and he's rank 10 on Rushu... Far and away the best srams I've met are here on Shika. ANd I don't think it's limited to merely Srams, there's a reason Shika did so well in Goultard. I can never get you in a fight either :D Hopefully we can have some fun this weekend. Until then I'll be trying to bullshit my way through this paper on a book that I don't even own...
  10. Best in each class

    He has the gear and the dofuses, but he just doesn't PvP much :( I would say on par with Vitez, just with smaller wings?
  11. Best in each class

    Iro is not just Zred's alt btw, he's an actual person xD
  12. Best in each class

    If we really wanted to get serious, then Zred/Iro have the best Eca/Enu/Panda/Eni/Sac simply because of their ablity to equip them with mindblowing gear and their compentency as players. But It's boring to flood the rankings with them and their alts. xD So I tried to limit my ranking to mains and people who have spent extensive amounts of time PvP'ing.
  13. Best in each class

    It's been a while since we started this thread and things have changed in my mind with players quitting and others coming up. My list is based mainly off of 1on1 PvP with some credence given to team PvP although it happens to be dead xD Eca - Iroaes :) Darksel doesn't have as many ap maged items but he's rank 10 for a reason, and he's got the balls to put them on the line as well. Eni - Dacheat I wanna go back to brak because of my fear of her xD Sac - Phaxi I think he's the best PvPer on this server.... Sadi - Perenis Lol, you wish you were that hax Apu! Panda -Pandaport He totally solo'ed Sel :P Cra - Anania? I haven't seen many Cras around though. Xelor - Faux Rank 10 and loving it. Enu - Sikorsky I see him around more often than Zred Osa - Puci The name is worth it xD Iop - Vitez Still very fearsome, Eith should put more effort into PvP though:/ Feca - Herros Plettz-Shield is a close second, He takes your gear and then deranks you? :o Sram - Magul I think his skills are really underappreciated, he does more with less than anyone of Dofus. As for Pez I don't even think I've ever seen a fight where he wasn't unbewitched and killed xD And don't blame chafers either! Some new faces on that list as well as old, I'd like to hear what you guys think.
  14. Shika Picture Pwnage Thread!

    Sentence fragment Ideal*
  15. Shika Picture Pwnage Thread!

    You did not even bother correcting him Fyorl. What's the point of being a Grammar Nazi without the corrections? xD “Definitely should not have given away le Eca, Dan."