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  1. Hey buddy :o


  2. Did they set a french phone# to SMS on that account?
  3. This. My #1 reason for being in a guild is so that I don't feel like I'm just playing by myself. Even chatting or just listening in while I do my own thing is nice. Chars across multiple guilds improves my social spread. (And dungeon recruitment ability. And profession servicing. And item needs. Etc, etc... basically, that which makes an MMO worth its subscription fee.) I'm fine with alts joining guilds. I think people should check first with the guild inviter/leader to make sure it's OK (really, if they don't want you there anyways, you're better off being somewhere else that's more enjoyable). If these "alts" are logged on at the same time as your "main" is, either keep an eye across the various /g chats every so often to make sure you're not totally ignoring someone or publicly post in /g that you're turning that particular chat off because you need to concentrate on something else (generally a boss fight). If these are truly alts on the same account as the main and thus rarely used, it makes little difference between you being a very active alt'er and a fairly inactive solo'er. This is why you add people you enjoy chatting with/keeping communication lines open with to your friend/stalker list, even if they are already in the same guild - being on an alt makes zero difference then.
  4. Wiki's formula also incorporates silly things like shields: http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/Damage#Calculation
  5. They did seem to fix it, for my particular setup anyhow. For about a week now, I could log in on the first attempt. But just starting today (didn't try yesterday), I get it consistently every time now. Put in name/pass, the loading screen gets up to 50% or so... then the dreaded "Connection to the server has been lost" message pops up. Every. Time. No "waiting to connect," no queue, just error+d/c. Maybe they need a server separate from their login server just to handle queueing up people... :( EDIT: Waited five minutes, quit the application and tried again. Actually got a queue! I also noticed that the news loaded this time in the UpLauncher. Used to be that the news never loaded until that first denial, then it came up fine 'til next time.
  6. You're levelling too quickly D: You're going to catch up!


  7. Nubflake. Stop by rushu and do check in on the old guild...;)

  8. Xuuuuun. Server is up.

  9. Xun, there are times in our lives when we must expand our interests and discover new ways to spend our freetime. Like.. now, I guess.

    But check out Magic Pen, it's kinda craazy. http://www.miniclip.com/games/magic-pen/en/

  10. Kittehhhhhh ;_; Gimmeh Dofus ._.

  11. Maybe all this energy loss is hinting that we should go hunt in Primitive Cemetery. :P

  12. i killed ref. ;_; i got d/c in last room *waaa* and nows i sleep :<

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