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  1. Opinions on a situation

    OK so this Azn guy is a shitty friend. Got it. Thread closed.
  2. Hello ! Im new here :) !

    Nice work. Case closed.
  3. Selling Raydi Shields x6

    Please post a price.
  4. [Rosal/Aermyne] Das

    Those PMs are out of context but I'm approving the post for now with the hope that more information comes to light.
  5. Feeding New Petsmounts?

    No need to lock it unless people still want to debate in an attempt to assuage their hurt pride. My first thought upon reading one guy saying that his petsmount lost a point of HP due to lack of feeding and then someone else saying that petsmounts don't need to be fed, was that it was most likely a bug. I guess I've been playing Ankama games long enough.
  6. Dofus Item Lookup

    Yeah you can just take a look at the code on Github. In general it's pretty fragile so any change to the HTML structure can break the spiders and I have to go in and and debug it but it's relatively painless since all I need to do is look for a fairly unique string around the data I want to extract.
  7. Yeah if we could keep the flaming and posturing to a minimum, that'd be great. My advice in this situation would be to try to make the best of the situation. Maybe bring your phone along and play some multiplayer games while you're out or send her FB messages when she's sitting across from you and checking her phone. Of course maybe the reality is she's just not that interested in talking to you; it's hard to tell from just your brief description.
  8. Las Noches

    Back on topic please, ladies.
  9. Post your Guts

    It's usually the pwnage threads that get locked, I think it would be a first for the Post your Guts.
  10. Post your Guts

    Chill out, guys.
  11. Post your Guts

    I feel like aiming for a turq would have a lot more utility and not be significantly more expensive than a crit exomage. Especially since you don't need that high of a turq.
  12. Payment problems

    But what happens if the moderator is a member of Vendetta too? :o But seriously, these last few comments are off-topic. Can OP confirm if the problem is resolved?
  13. Changes to Ogrine Subscriptions

    I apologise for completely derailing the thread. I am a terrible moderator. I think we can all agree that a Dofus subscription is cheaper than going to see a film however the comparative entertainment value is still up for debate. Also, Thor 2 was really good, you should give it a go instead of watching Gravity again.
  14. Warning of a new scam

    It wasn't accepted because it doesn't contain any actual proof of scamming.
  15. Changes to Ogrine Subscriptions

    And I thought cinema tickets were expensive in London...