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  1. Most of the time what I look for before inviting anyone is if they can spell small things out correctly and weather or not they can take a joke or two.
  2. Well he turned his wings off .-. considering that I think you get no honor.
  3. Later bro take care.
  4. Oi GG I am going too yayzor :>
  5. Guess this means ill be stuck in Shika for a few more months >_>
  6. Tried that im in Shika and tried to transfer would not let me at all >.>
  7. Basically what they did here is simple but it will be like what you said. They made 1 main category for Dofus then sub sections for Dofus servers and in those sub sections they made sub sections. The reason why you can't collapse is because of the convenience of it being smaller than the old IV which I believe had 1 server Per Category. If that makes any sense .-.
  8. Eh I tried the server transfer but it didnt seem to be available to me yet
  9. not sure if I want one..after seeing that pic.
  10. Pro tip: Don't think your a pro cause you give out "Pro Tips"

  11. dont be a very nice person get on dofus or msn naow

  12. I think that you are looking at it one sided. There are a few shields out now that don't do anything at all. I mean considering only a few % resistance towards boss monsters is quite frankly nothing compared to Fecas abilities. Not to mention that fecas are more than just shields >.> I am hoping for shields that look nice is all :>
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