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  1. Trading archs

    Hello, I need the following : Fisheralf the Stewart Follikoko the Tufted Kitsuey the Red Pandaltry the Unknown Piralhaka the Intimidator Quetnin the Fictional Rattle the Hummer Treeknidylus Trumpaynor the Survivor doubles : Abounteous the Generous Ambushapens the Unlucky Amlullabeye the Dreamer Aperobics the Dynamic Arachnawar the Killinmachin Arachnekros the Aggressive Arepotair the Bespectacled Bakeraider the Tomb Bambottinit the Quiet Bandinamit the Explosive Bandirty the Messy Barbrosskam the Chief Blopal the Precious Blopium the Delirious Blorchid the Gorgeous Blorko the Colorful Boarealis the Bright Boarnigen the Damasker Booty the Beast Bulbamoon the Trumpeter Bulbigroov the Dancer Bulbisonic the Penetrating Bworak the Bohemian Bworkoder the Mazter Chafaldrag the Charming Chafermented the Drinker Chaferotix the Sixtininth Chaferuption the Volcanic Chafred the Fish Crabaramis the One Crabartanian the Allforone Craborthos the All Crackedral the Majestic Cracklerod the Old Crackoalak the Blonde Crackrockisree the Tiger Crackrodilrock the Helltune Crowmanion the Primitive Dandel the Boy Dragamemnon the Deadtroyer Dragaustin the Power Dragoolash the Stewed Drakoamax the Mad Drakween the Cross Dresser Dreggatón the Latino Dreggommomm the Chewer Dreggoog the Downunder Dreggooliz the Macho Dreggooniz the Adventurous Dreggrieg the Pianist Dregguantico the Trainer Dreggump the Shrimp Eskoko the Baron Ezothbeitor the Neighbor Floratio the Investigator Ganon the Dwarf Gargoyla the Paranoiac Ginsync the Hyperactive Goblimp the Bis Kit Grasnakizanami the Ruler Greetdoff the Gentleman Gwabbit the Wunner Hunflower the Sinful Jackoalak the Ripper Jellvis the King Jiminicrackler the Conscious Kanarrie the Reckless Kanimantha the Maneater Kannemik the Skinny Kanniranda the Maniac Karnyona the Rider Khameleltux the Tolerant Kidodo the Extinct Killua the Assassin Kitsewey the Blue Koaly the Fiddler Kokonan the Talker Krabaoly the Patient Kwoanium the Smart Larvadelaide the Ozie Lupisnockio the Woodwolf Mamankalak the Bibliomaniac Matmushmush the Flasher McWhabbit the Diehard Miliopold the Bloomer Milivanilli the Mime Minoskittle the Colored Misskokoko the Channel MoMaho the Modernist Mopidyk the Mire Moskoitus the Interruptor Mufavabeenz the Cannibal Mushdrill the Piercer Mushuliet the Catapulet Naypalm the Herbivorous Nebuchadnezzar the Conqueror Niptuk the Plasticynic Ouassingiam the Tyrant Ouassup the Irritating Palmella the Hefty Palmoleaf the Greasy Pandahl the Rolled Pandan the Desperate Pandartmoore the Dogged Pandarwin the Naturist Pandipoopik the Wondrous Pandumonium the Joker Pighatchoo the Electrical Piwi the Ermine Piwicker the Manly Piwiki the Witty Piwilde the Bossie Piwiliam the Brave Pocher the Kingponger Prestreet the Fighter Prikoko the Witless Ratatouille the Stirrer Raul Modrid the Chulo Rib the Torn Roseanne the Yanker Ryukualak the Bored Salamaa the Henpeck Scarahazad the Storyteller Scaraheath the Hanger Scaratheef the Pincher Scorbison the Lonely Serpico the Honest Smitherz the Licker Snapoalak the Redhead Snapp the Dragon Snapple the Wise Snappster the Sued Snappu the Shopkeep Snappy the Fishfrier Snowhitisha the Pure Sorgyo Quiretox the Chatterbox Sparodi the Python Speedmush the Racer Spimushtache the Hairy Spimushty the Smelly Supergwass the Free Suzessman the Enthusiastic Tanno the Dominator TanuKiki the Deliveryghost Tanuktonik the Doofdoof Tiwaldo the Hidden Tofudd the Hunter Treekalack the Sad Treekniddioo the Needy Treektamak the Loud Trooligan the Bulldogg Trunkbeard the Gentle Turtan'ernie the Streetwise Turticorn the Horned Turtrenalds the Tragic Turture the Hooded Wabbin the Wich Wabbitor the Apt Warko the Inky Worka the Willful Yokai the Choral Zorrose the Messican
  2. Interserver Transfers

    don't get scammed. Interserver transfers got kinda restricted.
  3. Interserver Transfers

    somehow ... if u want help, at least be honest
  4. Eagles <3

    see you next week
  5. S> Vulbis

    23.5 mk
  6. Seemyool Shop

    give them to me, ill breed em even more and share profit with you
  7. Mounts lvling

    anyone that would like to lvl my mounts to lvl 5 ? 53 mounts for 3 mk .
  8. Happy Birthday Junnnnn!

    12 years old
  9. Call to breeders

    if we stock up, we'll end up massively underpricing each other again
  10. Call to breeders

    less production = higher price
  11. Call to breeders

    you all know why. let's stop producing for a week ?
  12. lvl 200 12/6 intell set.

    didn't know u still play
  13. Tutorial and Quests for Breeding

    please make breeding harder, and remove public paddocks, also remove any other way of getting characteristic scrolls. thanks
  14. Dropping in to say hi

    I remember you. Hi :)