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  1. It's time to leave

    I only thanked the people that did perc hunts often with me... if i wanted to thank all the people i wanted to then my post would take very long to read :D And thank you everyone for the nice replies :) Compleo
  2. It's time to leave

    I have been bored by Dofus for more than a year now. I have tried making new characters and playing them but it is hard to have any fun once you have played all the classes so i have reached the decision to quit. This is not the first time i have decided to quit but i do feel that this is the last time. If i have ever offended any of the players than i would like to say: Grow up! It is just a game! I would like to thank lubo, vikin(if you haven't changed your name again), all the Blank and Rise members and everyone else for the fun perc and prism fights. I wish everyone a great life both in the game and the real world. Compleo
  3. How to speak "Retard" in Dofus

    [20:38] to Oz-dofuxia: i never have time
  4. From your list of chars, Id say sadi or panda since you dont have to pass first turns in last fight since you can unb yourself. Also you would probably want a cha or cha/int sadi and cha or agi for panda to kill dp fast. I think chance was the overall best option considering the monster resists. Also chance base basically guarantees you the 300pp if you have a kaliptus and a pp pet
  5. KOTH Group Glitch

    There should be some command to unblock the fight like /open or something like that. You could try finding one like that and see if that works
  6. Possibility verses Probability regarding drops

    I think probability and possibility are the same thing just that probability focuses more on the number while possibility just states the fact that it is possible :D But i could be wrong :D
  7. Good Kolo/PvM Character

    Actually a pure strength fogger can probably do more damage than treadfast one if you can abuse trident since if you use treadfast set your +dmg is very low (unless you crit) compared to other sets and since tridents pushback sensitive part is 9-10 (11-12 on crits) +dmg is very very important. About the lifesaver there is another problem. A smart opposing team will never let you build it to evo3 or just kill the fogger (since you cant first aid and get the savers special spell on yourself). Now about the actual topic. Iops hit good but die fast so i wouldn't recommend it as solo char. Eca is a good option for a damage class although they lack ranged damage (unless int). My favourite eca built would be cha/agi since bluff is 41-45 (46-50 on crit) for 3ap 3 times per target which is insanely OP dmg. But ecas now are very impressive with any built you can imagine if you play it right. Also dont forget that any eca can heal allies with perception in clover state and if you know how to use luck effectively its a truly insane spell. Sram is a good option only if you are good at anticipating what the other side will do be it players or monsters. Otherwise you can just use an iop to do better ranged damage and same close combat damage :D Masq could be a decent choice. Maybe they aren't the best damage dealers but very good at supporting and things like that and should be able to achieve good damage as well due to very nice soft caps and decent buffs. Can say approximately the same about pandas :D As for the cra and fogger builts... just use whichever built you like better :D Cra can pull off any built and fogger can do same (except agility) and its impossible for me or anyone else to tell you which built will be best for you as long as we haven't seen how you play or know exactly what you want your characters to do. Now to sum up :D Iop or eca for best damage sram if you have played this game for some time already masq or panda if you're looking for a more defensively aggresive class :D Compleo
  8. Watch them make a state that gives you 50% erosion for the dungeon fights...
  9. Yeah i know there are lj bots already but at least they are really slow now :D
  10. If auto movement dodges aggressive mobs then good bye lumberjacks and hello lumberbots
  11. Kolo suggestion!

    To be honest, the idea behind the kolo rating is very fair as it matches ppl that are equally strong not equally leveled. (if we use a previously used idea about comparing people with different age, why not let a well trained 5yr old do a 100m competition vs a 15yr old with asthma or something like that which would make them equally fast) The only problem i find is the fact that when you reach the top end of the rating you're basically stuck there without fights or a way to lose the rating, because the only way you find fights is if you team up with low rating people and then if you lose your rating stays since you were expected to lose because of the weaker players in your team. So to sum up, kolo is fine as it is IF they implement a way of actually getting your rating back to the zone where you find fights (like make it drop by 1 for every 1h you've been registered and haven't declined any match) Compleo P.S. Also i found it extremely fun to fight lvl 200 teams with my 3 mid level chars since that offered a challenging and interesting fight. Not knowing how the fight will end before it has started is part of the fun and fun is the reason why we play this game isn't it?
  12. Grande Rushu PvP Tournament

    What if the players in the teams dont have access to frigost 3 :P?
  13. AvA Suggestions

    There would have to be a limitation of some kind too or the alliances would just put all their prisms in the mode in which they are close to undefeatable which would again make koth fights extinct quite fast.
  14. Getting Lvl 200 with style!

    Dam i never thought about this... I did have 1xp left till 200 on 2 or 3 chars tho, bet never imagined to get it by dying
  15. Im interested whether Backwash is counted as a 2 square push or a 4 square push(considering it is diagonal and actually moves you for a total of 4). Also the person complaining about masqs being nerfed... be happy youre not a fogger :D although i guess the option of moving turrets can also help sometimes and the pushback from evo3 tact (6 squares) could do serious harm :D