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  1. Lol thanks Garne? :D 16 isn't that young is it? I just look younger I think, and here are some more photos, and my smile is kinda natural, I have braces so refuse to have an open mouth smile and it makes me look half normal x) I actually have some more pretty funny ones, will get them up soon but imageshack isn't loving me right now.
  2. Ok so it has taken me about a year and a half to get a picture on the forums, I think this is really late on Xmas or Boxing Day, hence why I look so tired. :P
  3. I watched Blood Diamond today in school, which I wasn't expecting to be too great but actually was a decent film. Also seen Shawshank Redemption lately, which is probably one of the best films I have ever seen, and I can't count how many times I have watched it. Iron Man and Hancock are both great if you like superhero films although they lack a really in depth plot like Shawshank... Take your pick :o
  4. Wow I miss IRC lmao, I'll make it on there soon promise! ;)
  5. The Fifa 09 soundtrack this year is amazing, a couple of the songs I like best are... Soprano - Victory Jakobinarina - Im a Villain and then outside of fifa, The Game ft Lil Wayne - My Life
  6. I swear, Daylight Savings is the most annoying and confusing thing ever invented! I understand now though, thanks. =D I'm all go for Saturday unless something big comes up, which never happens so it's looking good.
  7. I'm in, but isn't 3pm GMT 3pm in England? I'm probably wrong but meh.. I also thought that it could make communication easier if vent was used, not sure if everyone has a mic though. =/
  8. + 3 Range DP Necklace? You sure about that? :mellow:
  9. Nice disclaimer in your sig lol..

  10. you never stop changing it..

  11. ShujouSparda? whats with the name change?

  12. I think there may be one or two Vulbis' Dofii doubt there are many more then that.
  13. TPG

    Happy Birfday! :D

  14. Hermione is cute, so true! Also happy birfday for whenever it was!

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