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  1. Hey hey Hey!! Where have u been Mary? :) Come to rosal!! :D

  2. Well Dominating Minds guild is now officially transferring to Rosal. The 1st batch of people has arrived. I just hope Rosal will take care of you guys. :) Aermine will just became, literally, a BR server, since all other communities have/will transfer :P
  3. Dominating Minds, decided to transfer all to Rosal. I think TFW are following the example. Only a handful players on those guilds will remain, like myself. So after the Italian community left and the majority of the players from the English community leaving, Aermine will be nothing but a zombie server. That's the price to pay from people panicking and no damage control from any of the higher ups.
  4. I think at this point, Aermine is in a lose/lose situation. If they correct that problem, and Aermine stops being recommended, I'm quite sure the Population in Aermine will stop to have new member flow and will remain mostly BR due to the massive BR income flux. If server gets BR/PT community ... well.. It's bad for the non BR/PT there. Either way Aermine is condemned to have a slow death IMO, except if Ankama decides to include English on this crazy community server. I liked SafsSoren's idea. Seems like the only way the server can get better without a massive transfer. But I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.
  5. 1st of all, let me thank Izmar for the reply. I really hope that project of yours comes to light and that it will help us Aerminians. But yes, we can complain all we want and nothing will change. And that's what is making everyone panic. They aren't sure if they can transfer after 2.8. You're not quite grasping the situation. People spend a lot of time talking about a server transfer on the village zaap and I fear a massive transfer. I've seen Izmar in Aermine. It was 1 year ago, when they opened Vulkania island, on the 1st day :)
  6. I think that Czech players going to Rushu are just 2 with their respective alts. Could be more but the italian community are around like 20~30 people moving, with their respective alts. But yes, the word from Mark-E has been spreading to Aermine. I've been approached many times by random people literally panicking, asking if they can also bail to Rosal / Rushu before the server changes. I keep saying to wait for a definitive answer from Ankama, but most of them just prefer to move rather than wait. The word is spreading fast. I'm not kidding.
  7. As far as I know most of the Italian Community, 2nd largest community on Aermine, will split and go to Rosal and Ereziah, leaving Aermine more BR. That will include around 70%~80% of Aermine's Goultarminator teams. And because of this change, other people will follow this example. September will be a very sad month for Aermine.
  8. That reply really makes me want to change servers now, because nothing will change.
  9. My default zaap is Amakna Castle so : Zaap to Village: Sram Enu Eca Cra Iop Rogue Xelor Pandawa Eni Osa Fogger Feca Recall, Zaap to Evil Forest: Sadida Recall, Zaap to Crackler Mt Sac Recall, Masq. Funny you made this thread, I kinda wanted to optimize my route :P
  10. There are a lot of rumors indeed. If the server is to change it's primary community, I would like to know, so I can bail out while I still have time. Any info regarding this subject would be deeply appreciated.
  11. Withdrawing from Goultarminator.

  12. THIS! Right here! It represents the feeling of many many aermynians. It starts that our server doesn't have an official name. It's either Aermine or Aermyne. Not even us even know properly. I laughed when Izmar made the guild for goultarminator and named it "Aermine-Aermyne". No one really cares about our server, which is rather sad. We are "alone". I know that Mark-E is our GOTO mod, but he's the CM for the German Community, so he doesn't care much about is. Really feel like we are the bastards sons/daughters of a community no one wants. No one cheered for us in Goultar. I'm really glad this thread was made, but I'm quite sure it will be closed very soon, like all the others.
  13. I was looking for the video link as well, but I couldn't find it, even on french forums. I dont think that Maimane even recorded it, since Aermyne don't have any reporters :P
  14. just restarted palying around these days.. :) how are you Mary? Gratz for Goultarminator again :D

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